Eureka Comfort Clean Upright Bagless Vacuum with HEPA Filter

Obviously, the name “Eureka” predates the TV show by many years. It comes from Ancient Greek, and the most commonly cited story of its origin goes thusly:

“This exclamation is most famously attributed to the ancient Greek scholar Archimedes; he reportedly proclaimed “Eureka!” when he stepped into a bath and noticed that the water level rose — he suddenly understood that the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged. This meant that the volume of irregular objects could be measured with precision, a previously intractable problem. He is said to have been so eager to share his realisation that he leapt out of his bathtub and ran through the streets of Syracuse naked.”

So Archimedes not only discovered an important scientific principle, but he also coined a term that has become synonymous with a sudden flash of insight, and finally, invented streaking.

For the people who have this particular unit - How good of a job does this do on bare floors?

My question is… What good is a HEPA filter in a bagless vacuum. When you take out the canister and dump it, it throws all that stuff back into the air, right? Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the logic behind this design?

I know I’m just a cranky old geezer, but to me “a decent job at a decent price” don’t quite qualify as being “awesome.” :wink:

Last wooter to woot: ndjs

I bought this one last time it was up (for about the same price I think). It was easy to assemble and the canister is easy to empty. All of our floors are hard surfaces and it works OK, but not great. Probably good for the price, but Im not blown away.

Dyson does for vacuums what Bose has done for sound/speakers. They spend 95% of their budget on advertising and the remaining 5% on the actual product. They sell hype very well and people gladly swallow it and ask for more. There’s been many studies done with many different things from drug studies to electronics that equate that if people know or pay a higher price for something that it is better even when it isn’t. Dyson has done a good job to perpetuate this study with their vacuums…

Look up any professional reviews for Dyson or even customer reviews for owners that have had a real good vacuum before their Dyson they will all say the same thing Dyson is okay but will never get a “great” rating in any category where a good vacuum should.

So if you want a good vacuum do some research find one that actually gets a great rating in areas that matter for your house be it carpets or hard floors or vacuuming stairs or whatever.

I did this about 8 years ago and have been very happy with my purchase I made of a Eureka Vacuum that got great reviews at the time and it has been working awesome for the whole time I have had it. It is just starting to get old and wearing out now and the only parts I can find for it anymore is filters and belts so think it is about time to do some more research and find another one. Might be this one on Woot or might be another one completely but will guarantee it won’t be a over-hyped, overpriced, not worth the plastic it is made of Dyson.

Found this from CR:

"While the design debuted on earlier Eurekas, the Comfort Clean Oh! marries it to a vacuum that delivered very good cleaning in our tough carpet and bare-floor tests at a price that’s less than half that of many uprights. It’s about a quarter the price of the Dyson DC28 Animal we recently tested and roughly 90 percent cheaper than the $1,350 Kirby Sentria vacuum—surely the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 of vacs when it comes to price.

We also liked the Comfort Clean Oh!'s no-bend controls: You can raise or lower the cleaning head with your foot for short- or long-carpet pile and activate the push-button cord retractor from above without the usual stooping. A telescopic wand at the end of the hose also extends about a foot for cleaning between the pleats of drapes and other hard-to-reach areas.

Gripes include the relatively small bin and messy emptying typical of bagless vacuums and this vac’s 20-pound heft. But top performance and features at a relatively low price make this new Eureka one of our latest CR Best Buys."

I am also eagerly awaiting a response to this question. In the reviews I’ve read online and in the previous woot offering’s thread, bare floors are either not mentioned or worse, I’ve read several reviews which specifically state that this model DOES NOT WORK on bare floors.

I hate carpet with a passion, so I need a good vacuum for hardwood and tile that doesn’t just blow the dust and dirt around like so many ‘made for carpet, at least primarily if not entirely’ vacuums.

I also have another question - I’ve read comments saying this is a rather heavy unit, which sounds good IMO, because my current vacuum is a lightweight, compact, almost ‘mini’ sort of vacuum - though it’s upright - and it’s constantly falling over, often bruising me or damaging items. It’s unbearably frustrating and so my question about this Eureka is - does it stay upright, and only fall over rarely, if ever, and not constantly during regular use like some lighter vacuums?

I really need a new vacuum and hope to move soon so I’d love a helpful response to the a) bare floors and b) stability questions.

HEPA = High Energy Particle Accelerator. CERN and Fermilab do much of their work in a vacuum. I wonder if this is the one?

Thank you! I bought this vacuum a few months ago and empty the canister outside plus shake out the canister filter.

I bought this model a couple of months ago, was thrilled with it at first, and then got a clog. It was a bear to remove the clog from the hose and the resulting backed up debris at the bottom of the machine. It was amazing how much it does pick up, so just beware of clogs and you should be fine. The belt broke way sooner than it should have (one replacement belt is included), but that may have been because the clog caused it to overwork. Clogging may be a similar issue with other machines; after it happened, I looked at the hose structure on other models and they all seem to match.

Wouldn’t it be great to purchase this great product in bulk, together and drive down it’s list price!

Purchased this last time it was offered…very nice vacuum:

Easy to assemble
Easy to dump bin (dust is not a big deal)
Does a great job of cleaning
All tools are stored on the vacuum itself
Cord is a little short, no big deal
Not sure i like the auto-cord rewind (complicates a simple procedure)

Almost did not buy this vacuum due to the fact it lacked the indicator light (showing a red or green light on whether or not it if is picking dirt up) which gives me instant feedback. But the dirt bin does the same thing, you see what you cleaned up instantly.

I really like this vacuum. As others have said, it was a CR “Best Buy” (and that was at $140 if i remember correctly)!

I empty all my vaccums in the garage—no problem !

ParadisePete - I would put it up to a Dyson any day of the year. I bought one when woot had it on a few months ago and I love it. It does everything my sis’s Dyson does a lot cheaper. I’ve bought Eureka vacuum’s for years and this is the best yet. Well worth the investment.

HEPA filters are used in “Clean Rooms” in Medical,electronics etc. See link

If you have hardwood floors, why don’t you look at buying a California Cleaner dust mop.
Works much better on Hardwood than any vaccum.
This Eureka is awesome on hardwood floors. I haven’t had mine fall over and I’ve had it for a few months.

I have another Eureka model with the same handle, and although it may look uncomfortable it’s really fantastic. You can grip it at any angle and it is adjustable for different heights. I shorten the handle all the way for storage and it tucks away under a mid-closet shelf.

I purchased a different Eureka vacuum and had to return it because of where the exhaust was. It was in the front close to the floor and it blew the dog hair away from the unit while I was trying to vacuum. It appears the exhaust is higher on this model, does anyone know how it works on tile with dog hair?

Bought this last Woot. Works well.