Eureka Victory Whirlwind 4496 Vacuum


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Eureka Victory Whirlwind 4496 Vacuum
Oh yeah? Well, it abhors nature right back
$49.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Your floors are filthy, dude. It’s disgusting. There are pulverized Chee-tos everywhere. There’s something that looks like an anthill in the corner. There are toenail clippings in every room. What is that, dog hair? And by Mjolnir, what is that repulsive smell? Saddam Hussein wouldn’t hide out in this place.

Do you choose to live in this squalor? Is it some kind of sociological experiment? Do you respect yourself even a little? Do you expect to bring girls here?

A man’s home is supposed to be his castle. Your place is more—shall we say—”Snake Mountain” than “Grayskull.” How do you imagine you’ll possibly clean up this fetid sty? Maybe if you had the Eureka Victory Whirlwind 4496 Bagless Vacuum, with its tough 12-amp motor and HEPA filtration, you could. But even then.

Seven-position carpet-height adjustment feature: move from hardwood to carpet to tile with the flick of a switch
Spiral brush roll and agitator can be turned off while the suction motor is still running
Reset button helps prevent motor burnout
Bagless cyclonic system with large-capacity dust cup that traps up to 1.95 quarts of dry debris—avoids the hassle and expense of regular bag changes
Dude, have you ever seen a 1.95-quart cup of dust bunnies, peanut shells and pubes? It’s seriously gross.
Dust cup is easy to remove and empty, and features a washable, pleated, allergen filter that helps eliminate common household irritants
See-through design takes the guesswork out of emptying the cup
Ergonomic handle helps reduce back stress
Low profile makes maneuvering around furniture easy
Non-tip design
Anti-clog hose
15-inch cleaning path
Headlight helps you terrorize your cat with vacuum even when she tries to claim sanctuary under the couch
23-foot cord
On-board attachments include a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and a combination tool
Uses belt Mfr. No. F5888- 900, Ace No. 1209170
Uses filter Mfr. No. 61333- 12, Ace No. 1202423; Mfr. No. 61500 Ace No. 1210897
Yellow and gray
One-year limited parts-and-labor warranty

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Nice price, the lowest one on Froogle is twice that at $99.99


good stuff here.

Froogle has it for $110.00, plus shipping. So, 50% off aint that bad for a decent Vacuum Cleaner.


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This Vacuum is at Half price!!!
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Good price for what you get.


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