Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep Food & Drink Maker

I’m intrigued. Going to sit on it for a bit.

Add enough adjectives and anyone will buy it!

4 stars on Amazon

So this is a combination blender-food processor?

I paid $50 for this about a year ago. Best blender I ever bought. Still use it all the time

$35 at Amazon. Looks like a good deal. 176 reviews averaging 4 stars…

I didn’t know a food processor could become a Ninja Master! Mind is now BLOWN!

European Ninja huh…
What does it do… chop food on the other side of the street?

mmmmmm, strawberries. (product demo on the youtube)

Seems like that might be a tad uncomfortable.

This thing destroys ice and makes smoothies like a champ.

Great price Woot.


It slices! It dices! It even comes pre-loaded with dried up bits of food from other people’s kitchens! All for the low, low price of just $19.99! But WAIT, there’s more…

Have one… works decently but design flaw… food gets stuck in the crevice at top. Would still buy one for this price… I got mine from Costco with some kind of coupon.

I have a lot of friends that are ninjas so I’d better get this. Besides, my blender only failed miserably as a chopper/food processor.

How is this for making Margheritas?

Can the blades be updated to the newer 3-blade Ninjas?

I’ve seen one in action, they seem to zip right along…but ninja master is a bit of a stretch.

Based on what this thing does to ice…well never mind.