Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep Food & Drink Maker


Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep Food & Drink Maker


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    1 Euro-Pro Ninja QB900 Master Prep Food & Drink Maker

I’ve played with this device. IMHO = Garbage. Basically, it’s a cheap, tiny blender

Can be found around $40 new.

Bought this the last time Woot had them and love it!! It gets used several times a day for smoothies. In for another one!

Japanese nuclear powered breast pump?



This thing is great destroys everything in it path, I use mine everyday and love it.

Anything on woot with sharp blades terrifies me.

I think i will pass on recon’d food makers… wait a second… i just bought that recon’d sony spank bank =(

I keep seeing the ad for the GoPro, and while I would prefer to wait to see if it, or similar, is offered in the next day and a half, I’m tempted to go buy one and call it quits this week. Anyone have a GoPro and hate it?

This thing is awesome. Mine came brand spanking new and it works great. I am using mine everyday. Definitely a great buy.

originally endorsed by Lorena Bobbit…

Keep tryin’ bud, you almost made a joke

I say buy it, and watch for the next day and a half. If the GoPro or something better shows up, sell this on ebay. I don’t think it will be an issue to get your money back when completed listings show new ones go for $40. I don’t think it will be a problem to sell a recertified for $20 plus shipping.

Hey, I’m old enough to remember Lorena Bobbit.

Is John Bobbit’s theme song “Creep” by stone temple pilots?

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Ok. I bought one, let’s move on.

These work great! Graduating high school soon to be off to college kids would love to get this. Makes a great wedding gift too.

Where are you seeing them for $40? sells them for $270 - $300.