Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep Food & Drink Maker

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Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep Food & Drink Maker
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Recertified

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Terrible. Ever buy something that works great on infomercials and when you get it, it sucks ass… thats this

Quiet: Ninja Quiet!


I got a more complete Ninja set from the last wootoff…

I makes 1000% times more smoothies and pesto now. Chopped peanuts takes less than 3 seconds to make.

Anything pretty much takes less than 10 seconds to make.

Washing is also fairly easy, but the cap has some tight spots that may get hard to clean

not true, the ninja is awesome. make your own snow cones with it. it will blend the hell out of ice. also great for cheese and vegetables.

It actually has very good reviews on Amazon. A solid 4-star rating over almost 200 different customers.

I’ve been waiting for this the last two woot offs because it has always been sold when I was asleep. Finally got it!!! Yippee!!!

Got one from Woot a few months ago. Love, love, love it. Fresh strawberry slushies…YUM!

As others said, this is an awesome ice snow maker, makes great shakes as well. I got the black (newer) version from Woot (the one with the mixer as well) and am very pleased with it. I have heard that the blue one is nt as good.

Got one of these from the last woot-off and it rocks. I use it at work to make frozen fruit smoothies.

If you need a compact blender, this is it.