Euro-Pro Ninja Warrior Handheld Blender & Food Processor

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Euro-Pro Ninja Warrior Handheld Blender & Food Processor
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I bought this for my wife a few weeks ago and it works incredibly well! If you want pure snow for snow cones it does the job in mere seconds! It also makes great smoothies with the long attachment. I haven’t found a better price anywhere. Thanks WOOT!

Previous woot–for the record, $34.99 today:

Edit: and woot before that.

I bought this set last time it came on woot and it has been awesome ever since. No issues so far. crosses fingers

Same for me - I love my ninja!

I got one last time they were offered here and I love mine. It’s super-fast in making ice cubes into sno-cone consistency ‘snow’, chopping veggies into puree for making cream soups, making frozen fruit into great summertime blended drinks, you name it. The hand-held wand is hefty, sturdy, and not cheap-looking or sounding at all. It gets the job done. And such easy-peasy cleanup!

Highly recommended for foodie wannabes like me.

Eh, it’s not always going to be something you want… It does seem to increasingly be more and more things that I have no interest in, though. Beggers can’t be choosers. Anyway, these are going for 70 bucks on eBay:

ETA: Seems like the posts I was replying to have disappeared. o_O The ninja must’ve gotten to them.

I bought this machine last month when it was offered for about five dollars more. We love the machine and I’ve already used it a few dozen times myself. A great buy…well built, very handy and very strong. You will not be sorry you bought it!

So glad for the good reviews! In for one for myself + 2 more for my aunts. It’s never too early to finds them Christmas presents, they can be hard to buy for!!!

“Ninja”: Making domestic appliances sound more exciting since 1392.

Got this for $5 more at last woot and overall quite pleased with the performance.
Well built and cleaning is a breeze.

Heres a live action video…

In agreement with all the above - wooted it a month ago for $5 MORE than today’s woot price, and am madly in love with it. Useful for a pretty wide array of chopping/blending needs and is very well built.

If you have been wanting a food processor or blender, THIS IS THE ONE.

So my first comment is actually a question…Can anyone speak to how this compares to the Ninja Master Prep Professional? That one is not handheld. It is the one I think I really want, but I’ve been waiting for it FOREVER on Woot and keep missing out (it’s sold out by the time I see it, or else I miss it by a few minutes during a Woot Off!) Thanks in advance for any info you can share!

While this may crush ice, the size and shape of the immersion head makes it less maneuverable than a smaller single blade head. I can’t tell if those 3 small blade configuration makes a significant difference. In particular, I don’t know if they provide the hydrodynamics to pull liquid into the blades as would be the case in a normal immrtsion blender.

Another problem is common among costlier immersion blenders. The metal guard makes it unsuitable for Teflon™ and other non-stick containers. That’s why I have two immersion blenders. A cheap $7.95 plastic model for non-stick surfaces, and a 500 watt metal one for uncoated pots.

3x more powerful than my first immersion blender, and well worth it! Made hummus a week ago with it, and it was the easiest, smoothest, and quickest way to pulverize a pound of garbanzo beans ever. Gazpacho was a snap to make, and I’m able to make small, one- or two-day batches of pesto and salsa because it’s so easy to use and clean up after. I can’t wait until winter to make my famous broccoli and potato soups!

The only downside is my waistline is expanding because of my now-daily fruit smoothies. :slight_smile:

From experience:

Even if it seems easier to just whirl the hand blender in soapy water to clean it… unplug the damn thing. Inevitably when you go to get the insides with a sponge, you’ll accidentally mash the button.

Blood CAN be flung over 20 feet that way and cleaning blood off of white painted walls and beige carpet in your grandmothers apartment is NOT fun…

Does anybody know if this would be a good replacement for an espresso machine?

I have read that it crushes ice, but don’t know the comparison between this and an espresso machine.

If it was called the…

Euro Pro Kung Foo Mother you-know-what-ER

I would buy it in a Heart. Beat.

Actually my favourite kitchen gadget is a Kitchenaid Mandolin Slicer. If woot! ever has a good deal on something like that I highly recommend you buy one.

Bought this a while back, the lady of the house stole it, fell in love with it and now I don’t have to deal with her anymore.

Moral of the story: if your significant other is completely inept in the kitchen and forces you to do EVERYTHING for them, get this and you’ll be free. FREEEEEEE