Eurocube 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet

Hi there. Quick question/s.

This seems like it’s the older model at 1.5 GPM? Can you confirm? If so Amazon was actually selling this model at $229 for the past couple of years?

Are you comping your price off the new version of the faucet at 1.2 GPM which has a higher MSRP?

OK, write back when you can. I’d like to buy this faucet set but it seems just a bit overpriced.

This is the 1.5 GPM version.

Here it is on the manufacturer website with a $495.00 list price -

And here it is on Amazon with one offer for $364.95 0

The 1.5 GPM version of this faucet has been phased out because it doesn’t meet California water conservation standards.

Which would make sense why the 1.5 GPM version was marked down to $229. This is $50 over Amazon’s last offering.

Even though the original MSRP was $495 it still doesn’t change the fact that the MSRP dropped to a point where Amazon’s retail price was $229 because it doesn’t meet US conservation standards.

You guys might consider mentioning that if you’re not going to drop the price. Also, since when do you guys comp off private seller’s price on Amazon? When an item gets discontinued many times sellers mark the price up.

I won’t be buying it at $50 over Amazon’s last retail price, that’s for sure.