EverBrite Mini LED Flashlight Sets

EverBrite Mini LED Flashlight Sets

These are $1 each at Walmart, so 6 for $8 plus $5 for shipping is a ripoff. Yes, the flashlights at Walmart are Walmart’s outdoor brand (Ozark Trail), but I have a few of them that still work great after a couple years of daily use.

$6 for shipping, actually.

PSA: If you have Amazon Prime and login using “Login with Amazon”, it’s $0 shipping! YAY!

And a quick tip: the EverBrite batteries are :poop:, and they usually go bad, leak, and ruin the flashlight. Throw them away and put in your Energizer/Duracell/whatever batteries and the flashlights will last several years or more.

I love these little flashlights! I used to get the black ones at Harbor Freight for free with purchase, but they don’t give them out any more. These are even nicer, because of the bright colors. I hang them on the top hinge of every door in the house, so we know where to find a flashlight when the electricity goes out.

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DO NOT BUY!! I received 6 flashlights and 3 of them did NOT even work! What a rip off!!!

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.