Eveready Battery CHFC Universal Battery…

“We found this killer deal lying around, and wanted to get it up on our site—and into your greedy hands—as soon as we could. So we skipped some of the details. If you need more info for an “informed purchase decision” why don’t you check similar listings on other sites? Maybe use one of those internet search tools like “Floogle” or whatever…”

So… Cut and Paste would’ve been too time consuming?

This is a very good deal: it’s $39 at TrueValue.com, $35 at Walmart.com and BestBuy.com; $34 at Grainger.com; $33 at Newark.com; $26 + $6 shipping at NewEgg.

CHFC seems to be the designation for Eveready’s NiMH rechargeable battery line.

You should definitely stick to NiMH batteries with this charger. Li-ion or Ni-Cd would probably not give you good results. Batteries with a capacity very different from the (CHFC) Eveready NiHM ones may work the best, either, but most normally-priced ones should be similar enough to give good results.