Everex Sempron 3000+ 1.6GHz Desktop PC with 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor


I want de’ bago-Carp~

Vista on a 1.6 Sempron? Good luck with that

Hmmm… 512MB and Vista? Would this even boot up?

Make it 50 bucks and I’m in

Server too busy already? THeres no BOC.

2002 called - they want their computer back

Maybe a parts box. Get a monitor and a burner… well, never mind not even that.

UGH! CARP COMPUTER! Carp ram, carp processor, decent screen…ICK

this one is going to last foreverex.

Balloons over Croatia.
Where are the Balloons over Croatia???

Wow it comes with Vista… but notice how it’s XP on the monitor and the XP sticker on the computer. Vista would barely run on this computer, slow as heck. But for 250 I guess you can’t complain about it being slow!

Are these things selling or is there server problems? Had to put a hurtin’ on the F5 button to get past the busy server messages

maybe, just maybe if it had windows XP, putting vista with only 512 mb is just insanity. it does have a 19" LCD monitor, that is about the most interesting part of this computer.

You can do this, Woot. Come on. Hang in there.

From what I can tell…I definitely want the B.O.C. not this!

Not ribs. I’m getting server busy errors for this junky PC. Doesn’t look good for the bag.

AAARRRGGGHHHH … not another friggin’ desktop!!

You got to be kidding? 512mb ram? and Vista? This will have to be the slowest computer in the world. First thing will have to be upgrade the memory. The spec’s say 2 max, but it will probably take 3gb’s. My Acer says 2 max, I tried 4gb, but got the BSOD, so I installed 3 and works fine.

who would WANT this? I mean…uh…buy THREE!