Everglide S-500 Professional Gaming Headphones



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Everglide S-500 Professional Gaming Headphones
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Everglide S-500 Professional Gaming Headphones (White)


For the money, this headset is worth it!


How much are they worth?


i need a pair of these and mic…opinions?


Does it have an inline volume control?


My ears are too big for those =P


Ah, the Everglides… let the discussions about whether people really do make a living playing video games begin… I miss those.


I bought these last time they were up and was really unimpressed by the sound quality


Better for movie watching while not waking the spouse. Just My opinion.


That was the smoothest transition ever, WOOT, from one sale to the next. Unfortunately - I don’t need headphones. 'Night.


Ohh good the chinese crap coffers have been opened. pass.


nice looking woot, might be down for 1


Everglide? Is this anything like Astroglide?


Paul Oakenfold is a badass DJ. Just had to be said.


These are the same headphones that were supposed to be included with my voicebuddy software several months ago.


do kids still do this?.. these things aren’t even wireless… kids don’t do wires in 2007… i know this for sure.
p.s. i got the links again… useful linkage has comparison shopping links for this one… all the good ones… imo.


Sorry - have an old BOSE set that work great…Nite all.

These do look like a solid WOOT as goo\od quality headsets are hard too find at this price.

Anyone have one? Not familiar with this brand.




got these last time they wooted. pretty good headphones actually. they’re thick and big enough that block out a lot of outside sound too. mic is ok.