Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones

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Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones (White or Black)

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New Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones (White or Black)

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Happy with my 5h’s :slight_smile:

People ask me how I stay up all night. It’s all about the Woot! I]m in for 2 tonight.

Clip-on Mic? no thanks =(

i wonder how they sound… looks too much like sony mdrv700’s to me




Best price

Never heard of these. For good quality headphones

Headphone.com or head-fi.org

Got these last summer for $30. Good deal but not very portable at all. The included mic kinda sucks too.

Hello, I’m a young married man for 8 years and 2 kids. Thomas and friends all over the floor from the 4 year old and the smell of poopy diapers from the 5 month old. Ahh the life : ) Which is sadly why I can’t purchase these. . although drowning out noise is nice every once in a while : ))!!!

earbuds please

I haven’t heard of this brand at all…how do these compare to, say, Sonys? They’re the only brand I can think of in a comparable price range, and the Sonys are great values for their sound quality.

The best headphones you can get and will probably never hear of until now are made by GRADO. I have a pair of Grado SR 80’s and they have changed the way I listen to music.

A full review can be found here:


No, at best buy they’re 29.99 so you’re saving 5 bucks (meh)

I have one… too heavy and bulky…

sweet in for 1, i remember they were on here before for 29.99

Have 'em, use 'em with my Xbox 360 sometimes - they’re honestly pretty good. Good sound insulation, though the sounds isn’t as rich as it could be. Bass is responsive, though, everything else is serviceably decent. The included mic is also pretty good. If’n you need headphones and you’ve got $20, you could do a lot worse than these.