Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones

I bought these when they were 25+5 on woot. Bah, 5 dollars overspent :wink:

As far as how they perform: Audio is good, not amazing but really good for the price. Isolation of the muffs is decent, I can’t hear the loud music in the next room when I have them on. The biggest thing for me is that these things are really comfortable. I can game for hours and not get any of the usual pain from wearing headphones for that long.




good for music?

These sound ok. Better than some and they are comfortable. They do not isolate outside noise that well for me and the sound leakage is pretty bad. If you are listening to these at your computer to play games or listen to music then these will do the trick. If you are going on a long flight, forget about it.
Pros- Long durable cord
- Sound is ok (Highs lacking, but a descent mid range and bass for your buck)
- If you had dreams of one day becoming a pilot, these are for you
Cons- They are huge!
- Noise isolation and leakage keep me from using in public, yes, I have no shame.
- They are heavy to wear, and for me have to be taken off after 45-60 minutes.

Good price, but not the greatest 'phones as far as I can tell from reviews. I’m fine with my Sennheisers.

I have the white ones… works great.

Use a logtech boom mic instead of clipon however.
These are OVER THE EAR headphones and are CLOSED
(vs many others I have tried).
Cable is on the left… but is not reverseable.
Padding is plenty.

Not portable (would you expect that?)

In for one, nice woot!

When you want to play video games all night without waking anyone, plug these babies in and you’re all set. Pump up the tunes, and you wont disturb your partner… of course you also wont be able to hear them calling at you either.

anyone know how the well the mic functions on these?

i got a pair awhile ago and ended up giving them away… they are so big and bulky and made my ears hot as hell.


In for one, the review posted above rated them highly at $100, here they are only a quarter that price.

Wow, and my old headphones just broke not more than 12 hours ago. Must be a sign.

OH! I choose black! So stylish.

I Wooted them for my girlfriend. Decent deal on some great Headphones.

I have the white version. I wooted a while ago,for more than this price.Very happy with them.I had a pair of sony before,very unconfortable.they were squeezing my head.This one,you will forget is there.Great sount quality.I am using it for gaming mostly.The only complaint: the wires.They are so stiff.Otherwise,great buy.

got one from a few wootoff’s back…still have it now, but i dropped it once, so one side is not as great as it was before…

great sound quality, only problem is that the mic stinks, its a separate little piece of junk that you havta clip on your shirt :confused:

otherwise, great headset, but watch out if you have hair that covers your ears, they tend to slide off :frowning:

Me Too

Aww, I wish the white pair had a white head thingy on top. Then it would go with my Rei costume.

I stretched mine out a couple of times before actually leaving it to let it coil back up again, it makes it a bit more managable, if any.

In for a black one. I don’t trust my current phones (Panasonic HT355) to last much longer.