Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones

I’m still hanging onto my dangling Icemats (I use headphones for gaming only) - everything that could break on them is broken. That being said, my first woot will not be on these. For 20 dollars it may be worth it, but I know I can do better for only a little bit more. Never heard of Everglide audio products before, either. .

I just posted a review for the hadphones,but forgot about the mic. Don’t bother.It sucks.

When you count tax you save $7 or 1/3 cheaper at Woot plus $80.00 in gas to drive 4 miles to Best Buy…Net $87.00 saved.

These headphones seem really good. I just read a review on them. I’d get one but i’m content with my RAZER headphones

Amazon.com lists:

Everglide S-500 - Headphones ( ear-cup ) - black

1 Used & new from $79.95 + $5.49shipping

I have a pair, and I AM a professional.

VenerableBean wrote:
The best headphones you can get and will probably never hear of until now are made by GRADO. I have a pair of Grado SR 80’s and they have changed the way I listen to music.

I agree, but both you and I paid considerably more than $20 for our Grados (in a range of $100).

Last time I bought a relatively cheap Sony headphone (for like $25) I felt like I had a no-name $2 headphone from China on my head, and that 90% of the price was for the fancy “SONY” serigraphy and for the license to print the “SONY” name.

Currently I’m using a Sennheiser HD212 Pro, it seems like you can get these for $19.99 too. This is surprising because I paid like $60 for these 1.5 year ago. I don’t know how today’s Woot compare to these headphones. They are very good, have some nice basses (if you’re interested in that) without sacrifying the trebles, and they are comfortable. I highly recommend these. You can even change the jack 3.5mm plug without changing the entire headphone if needed.

So… yes, it’s possible to get a decent pair of headphones for $20.

bought a pair last time they were on here
i loved them till they blew out
i would buy some right now, but budget is tight atm
i reccomend personally, AMAZING for gaming etc.


lessons learned

woot shirts are not bad, most of the time

I needed new headphones

These are ok as in they sound good and so on, the only con ive ever had with is that the mic isnt attached. The mic has a little crappy clip to clip on your shirt… mine flew apart the frist time tried to clip it on.

In for a black one. My wireless Sony headphones I got two years ago is to staticy (is that even a word?) even from 1 foot away from the receiver.

Circumaural, hmm? Sounds like a Jewish rite of passage invented by Van Gogh.

I was interested for a couple of minutes until I read all the opinions here. Pass.

In for one…my first woot!

It’s too bad they didn’t use a synthetic for the muffs instead of leather, otherwise I’d be all over these.

you owe me a new keyboard, as this one has soda spewed into it.

If you change it now and then…the smell won’t be so bad. Just thought I’d give you a hint.

It’s $29.99 on Froogle (at least for the White one).

No. It’s ~$59.99 on Amazon.

Hmm. I really don’t know if I should continue kicking my butt posting a price comparator and updating the search terms in 10secs every night if you all still manage to miss the market best price on websites I link to.

Bought 2, couldn’t resist, reviews too good.