Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones

Cheap clip-on microphone. Plastic, broke 2nd day I had it.

Other than that, great headphones. Never could find the right spot to put the mic. Its either overmodulated or too faint to hear, the pickup ‘cone’ sucks. Even worse in Ventrillo or Teamspeak

Sounds better than my cordless Sennheisers, also from woot.

I’d be in for there more if the mic didnt suck.


Extremely satisfied with this product from the last woot, and the price is outstanding.

I say go for it. You won’t regret the awesomeness you’ll feel with these massive nuggets on at your computer.

I got a set of these on Woot a few months back. They’re not bad for the price if you don’t mind the enormous size and the awkwardly stiff cord.

sorry doesne’t work with ipod or any mac products. linux only.

The sound quality is good, and they are comfortable enough. Your ears can get hot on hot days. Another drawback is the cord. It is thick and very long. If you are planning to use this with an MP3 player you’ll have to roll up the cord and band it with a rubber band.

They are HUGE. But I like that look. Like a Brooklyn DJ. Most of my friends think they are bad-arse HUGE and like them.

I have not had the “flaking” issue others have experienced. I wear mine 40 hours a week in tough work conditions (I sweat a lot and work in a cloud of wood dust) and they are still like new (perhaps the flaking is caused by acidity from the skin. Some people have more acidity than others).

I have small ears so they fit nicely in the sound hole. My work environment is very loud and these headphones do a good job of blocking external noise. I listen to radio news mostly, and these phones reproduce voice sound very well.

Before these I had an over-the-ear, noise-canceling style which did not block external noise well, did not reproduce radio voice well, and were painful to wear more than 5 hours continuously. However, they kept my ears and head cooler than these Everglides.

Was hopeful was two since we all missed out on the Twofer on Tues thanks to the woot-off.

Got these once as well. Very comfortable, good for extended periods (they were priceless when ignoring my roommate for months and months). Plastic covering on the headband cushion peeled off, but doesn’t make much of a difference to me. In my opinion, they have good sound, and some nice bass response. Good with games as well, as expected. Decent sound muffling, but I think sound from the headphones is easily heard.

I bought them when they were like $30, and I don’t regret it yet.

The worst thing about them is the size of them compared to my head. I have a small head.

There good headphone but it sucks the mic isnt attached.

LOL woot, well done on the description!

I have these and they’re great–they do get a bit uncomfortable after 3 hours or so though once the leather causes the area around your ears to sweat.

i wanted a decent pair of headphones for 20 bucks, and i got that with these, i was really happy with them. there are a lot of fans running in my house, and these block the white noise sooo well.

they ARE HUGE though.


i feel i got my money’s worth, and love them. for 20 bucks, these cannot be beat.

I got these last time around, they’re ridiculously huge, no joke. but for gaming or just listening to music at home, they’re GREAT.

I’ve had a lot of headphones and these definitely match up to some of the $150 models by Sony and Sennheiser

would you be able to plug it into an MP3 player. namely a psp. IU need some loud, noise cancelling headphones for those long train rodes

Bought these to wear while mowing the lawn. They surround the ear well enough to keep the riding mower noise out, they’re comfortable and sound decent enough. I’d buy them again, either for myself or as a gift.




Thats all I could think after reading the discription. LMAO

Bought these about 4 months ago on woot. Great sound for music, I dont’ do gaming so I can’t attest to that aspect. “Leather” peeled off for me as well. They are LARGE and the cord is thick but in return durable, it can be a little annoying. I use them at work and they block out the sound of my neighbors very well. I would definately buy again, and am thinking of getting a second pair for home use.

I’m wearing these right now and I love them. They’re comfortable and the sound is great. I modified the connector to fit in my 1st gen iPhone.

They dont retail for $20. And ‘pro’ has a wide meaning.

I wouldn’t trust a Firestone or Goodyear shop to do repairs on my vehicle, but they are “professionals” too.

These are far better quality than the $20. I own a pair and not a ‘pro’, but good enough to hear the difference between tube amps and mosfet, and good sound from bad. These are great for $20 except the mic and its clip are supersuck.

yeah, but you’d look ridiculous wearing them in public :stuck_out_tongue: they’re HUGE.