Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones

STDeez in your mouf at FilthyRichmond.com

Great. I have amatuer headphones. Their day job always messes up my schedule. Either go pro, or go home. Finicky headphones!

Protip: do not wear in public. These are so huge…

Still use mine from the woot-off about a year ago. Nice to see the significant price decrease! In for 3!

Darn it!! My power went out so I can’t see the current WOOT!!! Darn thunderstorms!!

Great Sound. I love these, got a pair from woot. Awesome Deal!

Everglide… they make the best sex lubricants

actually has some good reviews

too bad I just got new headphones :frowning:

Professional? I don’t think that word means what they think it means.

your site sucks. give it up. you have plugged this in every auction. Why not just use regular woot. it works fine. yours is slower then woot

Good to know, I’m in the market for some headphones.



Got a pair, not bad.

I bought a pair of these a while back. They are great. The only pair of non-earbuds i have ever been able to wear for longer than an hour. One word of caution they are freaking huge. Not the kind of headphones you take with you out…unless perhaps you are a DJ.

Does it make popcorn?

Can I use with my iPod?

That product description is a sad and frightening one…

LOL I HAVE THESE, bought them from ebay for 20. keep in mind that these things are HUGE, you look goofy as hell when your wearing them. Mine actually broke so I dont use them anymore but when they first came out they were 100 bucks. Good all around headphones. sound very nice just dont get caught wearing them