Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones


Still have these? They’re around forever. Half the price originally sold for on here.

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Bought these last time they were offered on woot.
Same price, and for the price an excellent value.
I would recommend, just don’t turn them up too loud, they carp out a little bit at high volumes. Used for listening to you tube videos and some music (not much gaming) - helps keep the wifey quiet.

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I bought two of these in a previous woot off. They function very well and the cord is impressively long. The only issue i’ve heard about (and witnessed, but not too badly) is the padding wears down somewhat quickly. I’ve had mine for awhile, and as long as you don’t toss them around they’ll be fine.


Word of warning - these things are HUGE

got 2 a while ago, the picture is deceiving…they’re HUGE, but work nicely

bought two of these last time they were on. I have a small project studio in the house and everyone started grabbing these instead of my $100 ones. Go figure but I’m buying two more.

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isn’t everglide the name of some kind of personal lube?

oh wait, that’s ASTROglide.

LOVE these headphones, and I’m buying a second pair. They have amazing isolation properties, I even wear them on long plane trips to listen to things. Not as a good a a pair of really expensive noise canceling, but they isolate so well that they are way better than any cheapskate noise canceling phones.

The only downside… yep you look like a freakshow when you wear them cus man those cans are big.

That’s what she said…

I’ll vouch for these. Really nice and smooth sound. Very comfortable as well. I use them when I play guitar and don’t want to bother anyone in the house with very badly played renditions of Wilco songs.


We got a pair of these when they first showed up, and although they look big, clunky, and oogly, we all fight over them all the time. They are actually quite comfortable, the sound quality is good, and you forget how dorky you look once you have them on…