Every Adventure Starts With Coffee

Purr…fect coffee eyes.

It’s so purr-ty.

Or we all go mad…

I bought a Wence shirt! I bought a Wence shirt!

I have sung this song many times over the years, but always makes me happy.

If this tee read “tea” rather than “coffee” I would want it(even though it is black and I try to avoid black tees due to the excess of that colour already in my wardrobe) as I really like the design. Plus, “tea” would make more sense seeing as the tea party is a key part of the Alice in Womderland world. Although auto correct apparently does not agree. It tried to change “tea” to “grad” and “yes” before it allowed me simply type “tea”. :roll_eyes:

Now after saying aaaaaaall of that, I admit I have no idea what this tee’s weekly shirtwoot Derby theme actually was currently. Said as I turn on my proverbial heels to go see, knowing it very well may be coffee themed :smirk: I still would prefer “tea”…on the tee and in my cup, thank you.
Cheers! :coffee::slightly_smiling_face:

I also agree, if it said tea I would totally buy this!

yet again a great design but on a black t-shirt.
hope someone at woot is listening- you need to put more of the great designs on other colors, i have too many black shirts!

(and i think it should say wine…not coffee or tea).

I feel the same way… I absolutely love this design, but I’m not a coffee lover. I am severely tempted to buy it, however, and I just might give in…

I wish it said “tea” or even better yet, CHOCOLATE!

Walmazan, is there any chance of you putting this out in a tea or a chocolate option also?

I want this on a poster!!