Every Legend has a beginning…



Heathcliff’s back… with a vengeance!



I have been sitting here for hours waiting to see if this shirt would win; so tired of zombies!




Saving the universe one yarn ball at a time.


While it is cute looking, but it is way too nerdy.


I approve of the whole genre of Mech-Cat.

(Or “Mechat”?)


I needed the guacamole recipe. How am I gonna make it now? Oh and I wanted to eat guacamole while I watched the Zombie movie, but now I guess I can do neither. Thanks. Thanks a lot.


isn’t it considered bad luck to wear animals as gloves and shoes? If I walk under a ladder in this shirt then I’ll really have problems


What is this, Power Rangers or something? I’m close, right? And that’s all that counts.

I hopes it’s made up. Then I don’t have to feel left out because I don’t know what it’s talking about.

The kitty and yarn ball made me smile.


is this Speed Racer’s face?


Don’t be fooled by the cuteness - that innocent-looking kitty can kill with a ball of yarn.


It’s because you’ve been sitting there so long… you’re starting to become one yourself. It’s ok. We’re on it!! Drakxxx, get the gatling… I’ll grab the fro!


Looking back, I can’t believe that I watched Voltron and enjoyed it (cheesy)


It’s Voltron:

so yeah, close


It’s Voltron!


I can’t disappoint, I think I own almost every other cat themed shirt from woot (save for like, a few random ones). And I actually used to watch Voltron back in the day as well.


Sadly, with all the cute cats hanging around, our hero is not considered to be fierce. At all.


That icon on the chestplate looks like a modified version of the Lithuanian Naval Ensign flag.


“now with audible purring!”