Every Morning

A sharp looking design with great colors! (And by the way… I want to go back to sleep too… every morning!)

Exactly. And it does look sharp. And convincing.

Magnificent multi mash-up: my motto,
and I also can use it professionally with a tiny tweak; you can put it out as a PSA to new parents (Original for their tshirts, and put these on onesies for the newborns!!


Man, you know how many shirts I would buy if they started doing Tall lengths? I love this shirt! It really pisses me off that tall people are segregated against on this site.

Also short people who would love to use this as a sleep shirt. :wink:

Based on a true story.

Now be honest, how many at first thought this said “back to sheep”?

Ummm… something you need to share with the rest of the class?

Er, this shirt makes me feel funny inside, like I’m seeing my mother in a different light.