Every Song Tells A Story, Don't It?


Create an on-going story, one sentence at a time, each sentence containing one or more popular song titles.


Yesterday, Me and Mrs. Jones were having Pennyroyal Tea.




She was wearing Blue Velvet.


She said: Let’s Go To Bed and listen to your Mexican Radio.




Kt, what are you doing?


I can’t stay Up All Night…in the morning I’m Back On The Chain Gang.


(Where I can’t get no) Satisfaction.


I thought, * What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round?* I think I’ll * Take A Walk On the Wild Side* and see * America*.


So I jumped in my Little Deuce Coupe and put the pedal to the metal, cuz I Can’t Drive 55!


Unfortunately, I dropped my Hashpipe and ran into a Brand New Cadillac driven by a Voodoo Chile sporting a Devil’s Haircut.


…and he said nevermind, I’ll drive my LITTLE RED CORVETTE- SEVEN DAYS IN SUNNY JUNE while I await the RETURN OF THE SPACE COWBOY…


As I was driving, I told LAYLA, “You know, JESUS BUILT MY HOTROD.”


Meanwhile. Back At The RanchAll The Young Dudes were watching Girls On Film and slowly Turning Japanese.