Everyday Drinkware

Who are the makers on the mixed glass set?

Which set are you talking about? I think you might mean the “Mix” glasses, but I’m pretty sure Mix is the maker there.

Really? hmmm that is the set I mean but I’m not sure if you are jesting or not but a couple quick searches on amazon and google do not provide any such maker. So I think I’ll just pass.

Also the Impress and Del Sol Ice cold 2 gallon dispensers seem to be pictures of the same item only one is full and the other is empty? Is the $5 dollar difference because you get something to drink with the one : )

Anyone know how tall the 10.5oz wine glasses are? Trying to find a set that fits more comfortably in the dishwasher…

I was wondering what the difference was as well…

The spigot on the dispensers seems really high up. How do you get the last several servings out from the bottom, below the spigot?

Only 16 ounce. Not 19

Not 19 ounce

I’m sorry, what item?