Everyday Genius Institute Wine Genius DVD



Everyday Genius Institute Wine Genius DVD
$19.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Wine Genius DVD and Instruction Guide

Product website
$49 from them

Well… I defintely don’t need this :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe this is so Woot won’t distract us from the Corison at RueLaLa today?


Wow… Amazon link.


Is this available on Netflix? Or compatible with a Mac?


“First sucker: blairms”

Hey, someone had to start it.


I’ve just finished scanning Amazon’s reviews. 47 5-star reviews, 2 4-star. No 3, 2, or 1-star reviews.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.


What no cheese!


If this stinks, it’s going to get secret santa’ed at the office holiday party.


Even though I was the first sucker, I’ve got to say those Amazon reviews look a bit suspicious.


That Texas heat must be getting to you :wink:


I’m going stir crazy here with all the delayed wine shipping… at least I can watch a DVD where some other guy is drinking wine while I wait for mine to show up.


You’re right. I’ve checked several reviewers, and almost all have written one or two reviews. I’ve never seen THAT before, either. With all the Top Reviewers and Vine Voices that Amazon has, every item I check usually has a few reviewers who have written a few hundred or more. Odd.


This seems like a decent idea for a DVD, but to do it right, it should come with a kit of things to smell and taste along with the DVD.


Author’s Web Site


Not only that, but most of them are written in proper (well-edited) English. Even folks interested in wine don’t take that much time to proofread their posts…


How good is this deal???

Well, judging by the “work with tim” section of his website, it would cost $5000 to hire him for a day to teach you to taste, so this DVD may potentially be the best deal ever offered on Woot. :slight_smile:


Blog - Interview with Tim

Don’t I need to let my brain mature before watching this DVD?


you guys are 100% accurate. Those amazon reviews are bogus, imo.


No, just let the DVD rest awhile before opening.

Edit: oh, that was a Baby Einstein joke, wasn’t it? I thought it was a drinking-window joke.