EverydayPan - 4 Colors



Are these non stick ? The pic looks like they might be but nothing under the description


Yes, they are non-stick. :slight_smile:


So just got this at last woot-off, and not happy. I haven’t used yet, but not even close to five quart size. Mine held about 3 pints of water. Woot’s response was I should have chosen the right size. The base is about 10 inches. The brand isn’t Kuhn, it is Technique. Cooking surface was flawed with lumps in it. Originally on qvc. Might be to embarrassed to gift to a friend. Sorry, rant over.


What kind of metal is it?

Is it Kuhn Rikon or some other brand name?


I believe it is cast iron with enamel covering. Very lightweight. And the brand Technique looks like it might belong to Kuhn Rikon . There is a large pot advertised elsewhere that lists both names together.