Everything's Peachy

So darn sunny. Especially for March. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Such a sweet shirt.

Sweet little face on that peach.


Relevant video for tonight’s tee shirt.

This design is peachy keen. I’m not sure, but I think that’s even better than just plain peachy.

Look at da apples on dat peach!

If I wear this shirt is anyone going to say that they love my peach and want to shake my tree?

There are more than 2000 varieties of peaches, and yet I have no idea which one I drew here. The sentient variety, whatever those are called.

Such a hidden message. If you are peachy, then there’s a giant pit inside of you

natalie dee was here?

It’s a perfect shirt for Georgia folks and I’m a fan of this green. I’m just not a happy enough person to wear this. Is there a frowny-face option?


No kid’s sizes for the little peaches?

Why no kids’ sizes? This is perfect for kids!

Yeah, we’re the worst at keeping Kids sizes in stock lately. I know they’re trying, if that vague reassurance helps.

An eye-roll or sneer is needed to make this sarcastic enough for me.

I need to wear this in days like today…

The write up forgot to use “pear shaped”.