Everything But The Plates

Which flatware set are you using for your bacon? :slight_smile:

The Oneida Chandler is 18/0 stainless steel according to the Oneida website:


I am purifying it and drinking it out of a pilsner glass

@inkycatz - FYI I just sent an email to service@woot to cancel an order I placed for the Oneida set. Once I checked out I realized I would prefer to order 2 of the Rizzi sets. Just thought I’d mention it since it’s also a woot-off day and I hope everyone isn’t too busy to catch that.

I always forget you can’t page people here like you can on the deals side. :frowning:


18/10 means 10% Nickel (which is good), and yet they also say no Nickel… So which is it?

Caveat emptor

I Might pick up another one of these sets. I loved the first one and still have them all packed away ready for moving. I just wanted to have a set for eating regularly and a set for special nights. Bow chica wow wow for silverware. =)

It should say 18% chromium and 10% nickel. It’ll be fixed momentarily.

Is the ricci flatware being offered today the exact same as was offered a few weeks ago? It looks the same except the closeups on this show china made - the one I received and really liked from a few weeks ago was made in vietnam. The previous one also didn’t have all that much stamping on the back (which I prefer). So which is it?? The one I purchased in July? Or as pictured today? Thanks…

Well crap crap. If it is indeed 18/10 now I wish I hadn’t cancelled the order and gone with the Riffing. Not gonna make you all cancel yet another order so I’ll stick with the other ones. This Oneida one Isaac hell of a deal and now wish Woot wasn’t so quick on the Customer Service for my cancel request!! :slight_smile:

Anyone know the answer to this?

The July offering had the China picture, too, but the silverware arrived without a China stamp.


Dunno if that helps or not.

And once again I miss the Luigi Bormiloi 14 oz glasses! Dangit!
Has anyone received their order of these from the last time Woot sold them? I’m looking for glasses that don’t have a big rolled lip and a bit less of that clunky look & feel of Libbey or Anchor Hocking glassware. These look like they’d fit the bill. Wooters are the most reliable reviewers I know, so some one throw out a review.
Looks like I’m going to have to watch Woot like a hawk until they come up again.

Oh man, I thought it said “Everything But The Pilates”!

I would love the coffee mugs, but I own a Stein of Science. Nothing compares.

Wait Vietnam? I purchased the Ricci or recate (SP) set the one with the curved butter knives and they should be 40 bucks. Same price as it was last month or the month before that.
edit: Has made in China on it.

I think that does help! Thank you. Maybe I’ll take the chance then…

Oh, wow, that’s confusing to me again then. I bought the grazia last month and it definately is made in vietnam, which I prefer. And less stamping on the back too then is pictured with the china pictures.

On each of my silverware, it says China on it. I don’t remember it saying Vietnam on any of em, but O well. As long as you like em.