Everything But The Plates

maybe the different styles are made in different places.

Do you like yours?

These are the exact same sets!

a bit confused on the Oneida Chandler… are we sure this is 18/10?

The Oneida site lists it as 18/0 as does Overstock, and amazon reviews…

edit: I also see Kohls lists it as 18/10

I bought the Oneida set last time it came up in April 2012 (different pattern - Carolina). They are made in Vietnam. The back says “Vietnam” then “9 11” under that, then the “O” stamp, and “Oneida” on the handle. I love this flatware and should have ordered 2 sets because they do get scratched from daily use. They still look great but they do take wear. They also have made dark marks on my (somewhat old) ironstone (from cutting) but the men in my house (3) tend to use too much force in whatever they do. If this is the same kind of flatware I will buy another set to keep for nice occasions. They are very heavy in the hand, which is a good quality in flatware.

Oh, and, I just read the Specs section and I do none of those things, such as removing the flatware before the final dry of the dishwasher! I load my flatware with knives because I only have a small on-the-door flatware holder (which I despise) and I still end up washing about half of the stuff we use because it fills up over the course of a day. If you wash these by hand, you have to hand dry them right away or the water will stain them, but we have very hard water here, and the stain comes off with a steel wool pad.

So since I am not following instructions, I suppose I should not expect my flatware to stay pristine looking. Just a heads-up for the rest of you, look at the specs. I have another “good set” of flatware that I wash by hand when we have dinner parties.

If you guys don’t mind me asking, for anyone who has the Renata set, how do they feel in your hand? I saw that the knife has a unique curve and I don’t want to purchase 3 sets if they feel real funky or uncomfortable. On the other hand, I can see how that shape “might” even have better leverage for cutting, but I don’t want to take the change of being wrong and be stuck with 3 sets.

My current flatware is still perfectly nice, I just kinda like the fluid shape of this set. It would be a totally unnecessary purchase so I want to make sure the handles are comfortable.


I have one add’l question, to owners of any of the sets (not just Renata). the descriptions say 18/10 SS, but the knives are 18/0 to increase hardness (however, this will decrease corrosion resistance).

Has anyone had any problem with their knives getting discoloration?

My current flatware is from Crate & Barrel. The forks and spooks are punched with 18/8 and still carry a smooth brushed matte finish from the day they were new. But the knives have ugly stains on them - I am guessing they are 18/0, but I don’t know for sure.

Can you guys please tell me your experience so far with your Ricci flatware (and how long you have had them?) Thanks!

All knife blades from any brand of flatware, made from any materials, the blades are *** always *** made from 18/0 stainless.

this is strange to me… what do people use these knives for that they need to be any stronger than the fork or spoon?

really need some clarification on this… this set is listed almost everywhere as 18/0

edit: it may be from what I’m reading that the older version of this set is 18/0 and the more recent version is 18/10

Im confused here, is it 18/10 or 18/0 the woot page says 18/10 then i check an older woot page,


which is the same set and seems to have same model number but it states 18/0

so WHICH IS IT!! thats the most important number i need to know.

From the buyer:
Per the bottom of the utensils in our sample room it states 18/10.

thank you

I, too, am interested in the mugs (my tea always gets cold before I can finish it). Saw your post and googled Stein of Science. Lots of expensvie mugs. Would you say more about the ones you own? Thanks, much! Susan

King… please see my post (at the bottom)… thanks

All knife blades are 18/0 which is stronger than 18/10, to keep the edges sharp.

Is the Oneida set American sized or the larger European size? I bought the Ricci Renata set from the last sale, and, unfortunately for me, I didn’t know there are three flatware sizes (continental, dinner, place).

I was surprised when I compared against my existing flatware and the Ricci teaspoon is the same size as a normal American sized tablespoon! The whole set is a bit larger than expected (that’s what she said) so I will end up selling these on Craigslist.

I think it depends when/where you bought it. I have an 18/0 Onidda set from ShopKo but others reviewers of the same pattern say 18/10.

Picked up 3 of the Filomena set last time around. Really nice, good sturdy hand feel, well finished, no corners or burrs.

Though whoever mentioned the size is right; they’re huge. The head on the small fork/spoon is about the radius of a CD, the large are about 20% over that.

I just bought these and as far as the Grazia set goes, they have a small Vietmam stamped on the backs of every fork, spoon, and down the handle of every knife. Barely noticeable.