Everything Else Can Wait

Everything Else Can Wait

I’m interested in the long-sleeve T, which is only available in unisex. I normally wear a men’s XL.

How would I translate that to unisex sizes? There’s no info about unisex sizes on the sizing page.

I’m pretty sure Unisex is just a Men’s.

If you keep scrolling down on the sizing chart linked on the page, it’ll cover the long sleeve, sweatshirt, and hoodie sizing too.

The quick answer is that the long sleeve is sized just like the men’s classic fit tees.

Is it patrickspens, or Patrick S. Pens? The world will never know!

Actually this was covered in one of the old Nice Shirt podcasts.

I’ll buy it tomorrow.

Procrastinators get to pay more. :slight_smile: And the options for long sleeves and fleeces won’t be available.