Everything in new event is "Sold Out"

Received an email today with a new deal section for Propper clothing items.
Following the link, every item on the page leads to a “Sold Out” button on the item page.
Is this an early email for an event that has not been fully activated yet?


(link for event page: https://sport.woot.com/plus/propper-gear-apparel-and-accessories?ref=w_cnt_odet_etpg)

Nope, looks like everything is sold out. If you look in the stats you can see the states highlighted where the orders were placed.

This isn’t unusual for Woot.

Yeah, we had way too many errors on that sale so we ended it. I resaved it. Looks like it’s gone now as it should be.

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Thanks for clearing it up, Thunder!

It will likely come back when everything is fixed. No ETA though. Sorry.

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