Everything is Ok

For now.

Congrats, walmazan for the 1-2 win!

Back home in Hawaii, right?

Congrats on the double win, Wences!

Great design! I laughed hard!
Wish it had come out 4 weeks ago, though. :confounded:

Is that our former president on vacation while the world goes to hell behind him?

It’s Walmazan week! Woot wouldn’t be the same without you, sir. :^)

Big congrats.

Congrats Walmazan! Great design that deserved to place. Nicely done.

Great design. I didn’t pick up on the Prez: when I saw it, immediately THIS came to mind.
Anyone else go in this direction?

This needs to be a Tank Top

Love this shirt. Great work!

The design reminds me of the old Gary Larson cartoon, with two guys on a lake in a fishing boat and mushroom clouds in the background. The caption sort of went like this - “You know what that means Mort, no limits or size restrictions.”

what a lovely work…

Agreed. Maybe next iteration. Then on a mug.

I Remember that one!!! My dad spit coffe & cut it out of the news paper & took it to work :slight_smile: