Everything Must Go Pet Sale

I’ve asked before, but I’ll ask again. Why does Woot not list the product’s Condition? Many of these pet products do not specify whether the condition is New or what. Why do you leave that off?

Are these a 15" round or 15"s in total length?

We do not list a condition on things that we are not legally allowed to sell as used. Consumable products, clothing, table top stuff are examples of this.

Hi there. What item are you asking about?

Are the heated covers for a chair, loveseat or couch? I assume for the chair since it’s so cheap, but please confirm.

It’s the loveseat. We’ll fix the sale up in just a bit.


Thanks! So these cannot be listed as New or Used? I think we know what that means. :wink:

It means they’re new. :tongue:

Finally! Something that is semi useful instead of semiLAME or semiTELEVISION or semiDYSON-JUNK!

Thank you Woot! uber gods! My faith is semiRENEWED.

EEK! I have just realized I am semiNUDE from the waist down! If only my neighbors could see me now!

No . . . wait . . . what are you doing?! Stay away from me! I’m gonna call the police! Oh . . . you are the poliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I do have to laugh at some of these retail prices. Like the food being originally sold for around $23, so it looks like they’re giving you a huge bargain. It normally sells for around $6-7, so when you factor in the Woot price plus shipping, not a deal at all.

The Clean flow watering bowl - is it battery or cord powered?

Video on their page shows a cord. It has the reservoir kit but seems to be the same bowl.

So, the “Thermo-Kitty Hide-Out” - there’s supposed to be a heated and unheated version of this one… and the picture shows a cord, but there’s no information about the electronics. Can you guys shed some light on this?

Just checked and ours is unheated. We’re updating the sale to make that more clear.

Wait, what? The description for the thermo kitty hut says “The new Thermo-Kitty Hut™ also includes a dual thermostat 4-watt heating unit that warms the surface of the bed to a cat pleasing 102 degrees when in use.” But you’re saying it’s NOT heated? I’m confused.

Never mind. I figured it out–hideout and hut not the same thing.

Mine arrived this morning. Perfect condition. It is just the old label. The product has been repackaged now.