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With a 1 amp output, the igo portable battery pack is not going to charge an iPad. Just sayin’.

1 amp is supposed to be enough for an IPAD or tablet. Most of these portable power packs only dish out .5 amp which is why they normally don’t work.
1 amp should be enough for an ipad

It doesn’t say it supports iPads - it specifies smartphones and “mp3 players”, and the very last bullet point in it’s entry is “Made for iPods and iPhones.”

Most iPad chargers are in the 2-amp range (the official Apple charger is 2.1a).

Pretty darned amazing how woot “sells out” and yet less than 1 week later has restocked enough inventory to offer the product once again. It’s the wonderfully unbelievable chain of supply! As a matter of fact, I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! Apparently integrity isn’t part of the woot mission statement. Sell out my a@#!

According to Computer Geeks.com, the Spider E-Series E-BTKB-0001 Supported Devices are:

Sony PlayStation 3
Apple iPhone (3G or newer)
Apple iPad (all versions)
Bluetooth equipped Android OS smartphones
Bluetooth equipped Android OS tablets
Other Bluetooth equipped smartphones & tablets
Palm Treo
Bluetooth equipped PDA
Bluetooth equipped standard desktop, laptop or Media Center PC
Bluetooth equipped Mac

You can also buy more than 3…

There are various reasons for this such as:

• Cancelled or denied orders due to payment issues
• Updated inventory numbers (this happens a lot)
• More inventory received after the sale - some items go to multiple warehouses and they don’t all receive at the same time or process at the same speed

quality post. if for no other reason than making me laugh.

Anyone have any experience with the Liquid Armor Screen Protector stuff?

I do. I used some on my smart phone and on my Surface Pro. No scratches on either, but I cannot say whether it is due to the base of glass or the Liquid Armor. Additionally, all of the reviews I read on it were positive.

That said, I paid like, $15 for my bottle of Liquid Armor, so this is a steal.

On the Razer Onza 360 controller it looks like there are huge issues with the joystick quality according to the Amazon reviews [http://www.amazon.com/video-games/dp/B004DTU0W2

Igo BN00315-003 Portable Battery Pack W/Apple cable

Not compatible with iPad!!!

If your mobile device is drained of power or if you want to extend the battery life of your device but have no access to a power source, then iGO Charge Anywhere is your solution. You can use your iGO Charge Anywhere as a wall charger when you’re near a wall outlet, or use it as a portable battery when you’re away from an outlet and your smartphone battery loses its charge. · The iGO Charge Anywhere acts as a portable battery with pass-through power - charging its internal battery & your device battery at the same time. · When you need power and are not near a wall outlet, just connect your device to the iGO Charge Anywhere with a USB cable and press the power button. · The internal iGO Charge Anywhere battery will charge your device without being plugged into the wall while its blue LED light indicates the battery level of Charge Anywhere. Made for iPod, iPhone, and micro-USB capable smartphones. A USB Cable is included to charge your iPod nano 7th generation, iPod touch 5th generation, or iPhone 5. Compatibility: · iPod Touch (3rd and 4th generation) · iPod Nano ( 5th and 6th generation) · iPhone 4S/4/3GS/3G · Micro-USB smartphones & mp3 players · This product is NOT compatible with iPad Specs: · Capacity: 1700 mAH minimum · Ports: USB and microUSB(charging port for internal battery) · Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.5ADC 5.0V, 1A · Output: DC 5.0V, 1A · 30-pin Apple Cable Length: Approx 49" · Dimensions: 3.4" x 2.21" x 0.82" Warranty: 1 Year from iGO The iGO Charge Anywhere battery pack is the most handy accessory to have when you are going places that may not have a ready power source (camping, hiking, canoeing, picnic, etc.) and you need your iPod or iPhone. Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button and you can rest assured that your ipod or iphone will be ready when you need it.


regarding Motorola 89506N RZ100 Bluetooth Smart Controller for Android:

Same price, free shipping at amazon with just so so reviews

Yeah, I’d stay away from any Razer refurbs. I love my Sabertooth, but I seem to be more fortunate than a couple of my friends who had to return products to them.

I know there is a logitech version of a bluetooth keyboard for android, I’m just curious if this ipad version would pair with an android device. I mean the difference is probably only function keys?

Hey all, I deleted a few posts here as they were WAY off topic to the items for sale.

If you want to talk about our inventory process, feel free to open a thread in World of Woot. But do refrain from the personal insults (another reason I deleted some posts).

Ordered one from Woot a while ago. It’s been under rather light usage, but it’s held up rather well. The joystick doesn’t… quite… feel right. The resistance is adjustable, but it just seems to change the resistance for the outer edge, not the entire range of motion. The triggers are pretty light too. Has a nice solid feel otherwise.

No issues and a few of the buttons light up, so it’s been worth the price.

Maxell UTS-1 MaxMusic Universal Tablet Sound System:

I just got this today and for $13 bucks I’m very surprised that it actually sounds real good! It’s not the loudest but it does have decent bass and stereo seperation

I ordered one in a previous sale and I’m very pleased with it. I put it in my garage, and when a $15 (the price I paid) set of speakers can sound great and be heard over a table saw it’s definitely a good buy.

iPhone charger is 1A, and if you plug an iPad into an iPhone charger it will charge. It just takes forever.