Everything's 12 Volts

I have a compressor like this one with the auto adapter. It works ok for topping off tires and maybe an emergancy. Small enough to keep in a Miata and the cord reaches all wheels. I start my car to use it though, haven’t tried without it.

The trickle chargers are great for keeping the riding lawnmower and generator 12v battery charged all winter.

I have a push mower with eletric start I never use. It comes with a wall adapter, any idea if I could trickle charge that battery?

Anyone have any experience with the Koolatron MD-CF9002 AutoKool Solar Vent or similar products? Is it effective?

I’m not sure on that one…
My batteries are 300 to 350 CCA (lawn & tractor) size batteries (about 20 lb each). The push mower probably has a much smaller sized. But… These solar chargers have such a low output, it may work.

These don’t charge a dead battery, they maintain a charged battery. If a lead/acid battery is allowed to completely discharge, it could die for good. Plus, I never store batteries on concrete or dirt floors.

Anyone able to find out how many amps the solar recharger puts out? I’m wondering if I might be able to use this to keep me motorcycle battery charged up.

yea I`m curious also I have a jeep that I only really use a few times a season and I need something to keep the battery from crapping out on me like it just did :stuck_out_tongue:

Completely useless unless your car is in direct sunlight. Alot. I bought one and promptly returned it.

Those solar car vents are only $9.99 on Amazon! I picked some up a couple years ago for $7.99 and they were a boc item then. I doubt they have changed.

Thanks for your thoughts on the item. Seems like a great idea, but hard to implement properly.

How do they work? Other comments about parking in direct sunlight seem obvious to me. I live in Florida and my car sits in direct sunlight all day, all Summer. I’m curious as to whether these help with the heat inside the car when I’m leaving work. I already us a reflective sun shade in the windshield.

Koolatron WIN-106 Oscillating Fan – Gee, the one I bought at Walmart was only $14.97 (every day price too; labeled as Schumacher but hey, compare the photos and convince me it’s not the same thing)

The baby bottle warmer is great for keeping the Hot Totties right at the perfect temp! Just pull over before drinking.

I bought a similar product about 5 years ago and it wouldn’t work at all (even on the sunny side of the car) because my windows were (factory) tinted. They would run only if they were in direct sunlight.


Request for Specs: It would be nice to know more specs on the Koolatron 402333 Solar Trickle Charger.
[] Does anyone know the estimated watts this unit puts out?
] Does anyone know the dimensions of the panel?
I searched online and could not find any information on this unit to include the manufacturer’s page. Not sure why it is not listed anywhere. . .seems like standard specs for a unit like this.

I don’t have experience with the Koolatron AutoKook, but I had something similar back 15+ years ago (so keep that in mind). It was crap. I could bearly feel any air being blown on my hand. Frankly, I think I would have had more air movement by leaving a couple of my windows opened a crack. That, I think, is their selling point, that you don’t have to leave that crack exposed with the weather stripping included with the fan.

Now again, my experience was from over a decade ago and solar technology has improved significantly since then. However, I still don’t think this fan is large enough or has enough power to generate enough air flow to counter how fast the sun is heating up the interior of your car. It’s a better than nothing type of deal.

Why doesn’t Woot do a sale where everything is USB powered? That I could get into.


Here’s what the “mothership” has.


OK, how about a theme song for this sale?

Thanks go to Jimmy, and Mike Nesmith of The Monkees."