Evesham Nav-Cam 7700 Touchscreen GPS

Evesham Nav-Cam 7700 Touchscreen GPS
$159.99+ $5 shipping

1 Evesham Nav-Cam 7700 GPS with 3.5" Touchscreen, MP3 & Photo Viewer

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i have used one of these in the past. one of the advantages is that the battery life is really long, and so they’ll definitely come in handy on cross-country roadtrips.

Does this one have hidden required “microtransactions” to add regional maps? I’ve seen some GPS nav systems that are really cheap at the store but cost much more when you have to buy regions of the U.S.

Also, are the maps and POIs updatable?

GPS (Google Product Search) (no pun intended)

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If only I still drove as much as I used to…
Kinda still want one tho

Trackwoot – containting pricegrabber, froogle, and amazon links!

I may be dense, this i admit, but why on earth do i want my nifty satellite nav thingy to play music?

Touchscreen GPS… mouth waters… must click “I want one”

Why are these so popular? Do people really have that much trouble reading a map?

Good features for the price. Navteq are the same maps as Garmin, and Garmin is by far the best. A comparable Garmin would be nearly twice the price. Looks Good.

I just got a Garmin Nuvi 350 today. This looks identical. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was made in the same factory. The feature set is about the same, Garmin’s extra things; tour POI’s, and some other items are mostly pay-as-you go (bleh). Is this a good buy? Probably.

Don’t expect the speakers to sound like much for MP3 playback.

Product’s website with info


I just received the Whistler GPS a few days ago that I bought during the wootoff and I love it but I would have loved to have saved $60 for basically the same thing. The Whistler GPS does not do MP3 or photos like this one. I have not used this unit but based on the Whistler unit at $219, this one is a good deal. Wish I bought a Samsung Q1 but I just did not want to release my grip on that much money.

During a recent Tangthon, they had one of these (https://secure.tanga.com/products/456-Nav-Cam-7700). A bit more information on that blog. It was $10 cheaper, but only one person got to take advantage.

my friend had a nav cam, worked great until it got stolen in Florida on spring break…

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They are fun and easy to use. Plus with a paper map you either have to pull over or have someone navigating for you, and I can’t think of one person I could actually trust to read the map correctly.

Can this run Tomtom?

because if you miss an exit it will tell you how to get around it without delay because time is money and no point on wasting time reading a map.