EVGA GeForce GT 740 Graphic Cards

It might be worth the wait to save for a 750 TI but for not being refurbished, those are actually really good prices for the 2gb of VRam version.

Interesting to note that both of the 2GB cards are ‘low profile’ cards that can fit into smaller cases - the one picture is of the 1GB card.

Here’s the 2GB DDR5 card:


Regardless, they’re all cheaper elsewhere (even the listed prices on EVGA’s site are cheaper!):

1GB DDR5 - 01G-P4-3743-KR, $83 w/Prime shipping ($92 + $5 shipping here)

2GB DDR3 - 02G-P4-2740-KR (low profile card) $93 w/Prime Shipping ($89 + $5 shipping here)

2GB DDR5 - 02G-P4-3740-KR $87 - $15 rebate = $72 + $3 shipping @ NewEgg ($94 + $5 shipping here)

Here’s the 2GB DDR3 on Newegg for $93 with a $20 rebate card to get down to $73.

I have to say, I have a 750 TI, I bought a model that will run 4 monitors–for a grossly underpowered dell that I have at work. Myjob requires that I work constantly with at least 6 different proprietary programs, and while tabbed browsing is cool… it’s a lot quicker to have access to each program almost instantly on assigned parts of 4 monitors! My point… the high end model here is pretty good… but check the power consumption for you needs… 750 TI absolutely sips power… Check how these models are with your power source. (I added a powered usb port expander to run my lighted keyboard, and my gaming mouse and keyboard–yes, I use these at work so I can program macros that let me open each program and get into them daily with the push of a button or two instead of 15 to 20 keystrokes and mouse gestures!)

Speeds me up considerably and the ergonomics are great.

My point–these cards (especially the higher end!) are well priced (although you may do better with sales at New Egg–see above) but BE SURE that you are meeting your machine’s power limits! :slight_smile:

The 740 isn’t bad, but it’s not very powerful either (around 800GFlops) - the most interesting one for CUDA etc IMO is the 4GB version which isn’t here - it’s probably the cheapest way to get a Kepler/Maxwell nVidia 4GB card with decent bandwidth.

For compute the 730 2GB is better than the DDR3 version of this, it actually has more memory bandwidth, and the same amount of shader cores - albeit less fill rate etc.