EVGA GTX 1050Ti & SuperNOVA 650 G3

EVGA GTX 1050Ti & SuperNOVA 650 G3

This 1050ti is actually a GREAT deal!! they going used for $120 on the great emarketplace. Will play modern games at 1080p assuming they’re polished/optimized(COUGH COUGH, BFv)

Hmm, this is tempting, but why don’t they make cards with TWO DVI ports anymore :frowning:

Of course, this allows for basically that setup:

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I hear if you put this in the microwave for 2-5 minutes you can “reheat the chips” and effectively speed it up to make a 1070ti. :wink: Hahaha

This is a pretty good deal. I think this card can even do VR?

This might be a better deal at this price range. This comes with 2 games, but it’s after rebate, for $155.


The RX 580 looks to be a little more powerful.

EDIT: Looks like the 1050ti is listed as the minimum requirement for the Oculus rift, but 1060 is listed as recommended. Other still list 1060. So it probably would work but if VR is your main reason for purchase you should probably hold out for a 1060 or better.

Going information on the web says no… this most likely will not support VR. 1060 or better.


only $10 more expensive on Amazon for the POWER SUPPLY