Evil Bike Is Evil

That is one dastardly bicycle!

Who wants a mustache ride??

So much summed up so simply and with such style.

Oh I get it! It’s a handlebar mustache! I don’t understand the “mua ha ha ha ha” part though. Some movie joke no doubt.

woot be hatin’ on ray william johnson

I can’t tell if the writeup is vehemently anti-hipster, or just ironically bashing the subculture in some sort of double-hipster meta game.

He has no arms, so I guess he must have a henchman that puts in the wax for him.

Is the bad guy riding the bike wearing an invisibility cloak?

Congrats, Brett! I’m glad this one made it to print.

This kind of makes me sad that I can’t grow a neat handlebar mustache. I’ll never be able to stroke it while laughing and smiling in a menacing way. And while rubbing my hands together.

sigh =[

I have a mustache like this and I am deeply offend.

When waxing the mustache, be careful not to get any on the seat.

Yeah, that was pretty much my interpretation of the shirt. Sadly, I’m not sure the artist had the same vision.

I really wanted this shirt, but after reading the write-up, I feel like I should feel bad for wanting it. What happened?!

Why, aren’t you evil?

Just as Batman has his Batmobile, this is certainly the themed vehicle-of-choice of Snidely Whiplash.

Penny-farthing is not a crime.


will match my belt