Sooo evil starts life as a Tangela? I knew there was something sinister about those Pokemon. They always gave me the creeps.

So I guess the Storm Troopers were right to destroy those Jawas.

So Tangela dijivoles into a jawa who shifts into Orko who mutates into a black mage who becomes enlightened and reemerges as a Nazghul?

Is there an alternate universe with Dink Dinks and Death Eaters?

Evil may get taller, with better weapons, but the depths of its eyes will ever glow to really creep you out.

It all started when The Flying Spaghetti Monster was a tiny baby…

I knew it. I knew Orko was evil!

But…but…Orko wasn’t evil.

IMO there should be one more evilution: Anubis from Stargate SG1. It’s hard to top a semi-ascended god. :smiley:

My daughter has…


Her friends love it! They love that it glows in the dark. It’s been worn, and washed, plenty of times. It still lights up well, especially if it’s exposed to bright light first.

We’re a gamer family. I suspect I’ll be purchasing one once she sees it.

Raise your Tangela right kids, or this is what will happen!

(I’ve always been slightly obsessed with this type of hooded character w/glowing eyes that pops up in different places. Special thanks woot for the glow in the dark ink. Perfect!)

Cool design! Congrats, SG.

Before he was the Witch King of Angmar, he was the witch prince of Grayskull. Great job, SG!

The last stage would be Marvin the Martian, although that would throw off the height progression.

Can’t wait for this run of ugly gray shirts to be over. Love the designs of the past few days, hate the shirt colors :frowning:

Don’t forget Veigar ala League of Legends. :wink:

This is awesome, not only in the evilution sense, but I can pretend I’m carrying my own kind of stick figure family around on my chest.

Awesome Spiritgreen! Vivi is one of my favorites. My copy of FF9 froze every time I tried to fight Black Waltz 1 and it ruined my life forever. brb; sobbing in the corner.

And how many times were they put in danger because of his antics? It’s all making sense now.