Evo cx (RAMP Frame) - Grey/Yellow

There are 2 different bikes pictured for the EVO CX. The detailed one shows all the adjustments where the other pictures several of the adjustments are not pictured. For example, the seat forward and back, the pivot lock is missing. So which bike is it?

Sorry about that, photos now updated!

Here is an article (by an Evo seller) on the benefit of swaying while riding:


Except for the fact that the Evo bikes sway in the wrong direction. Maybe its because when the Evo sways to one side, it won’t steer the bike to that direction, which would occur in a real bike and one’s instinct is to sway the whole bike in the opposite direction. But it is almost impossible to sway the Evo’s handlebar in the opposite direction. This might have to do pivot point of the bike being different from an actual bike.