Evo cx (RAMP Frame) - Grey/Yellow

Can the pedals be changed to use different cleat systems?
Is the HRM only Polar style or can the more widely used ANT+ also be used.
Can the seat be changed out for a road seat with two bars like bicycles?
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Maybe a wooter will pop in to help. Or here’s their site, I think.

I think all pedals in the spin cycle world are the standard threaded one, so you should put your own pedal.

As from the picture, it uses a std dual rail seat, thus you can put any dual rail seat you want.

I don’t think this takes ANT+, since there is almost nothing out there in the spin cycle world that interfaces with that.

If you want to make this into a serious spin bike, it likely won’t satisfy you, since the Q factor is extremely high, making one feel like they are riding a saddle. Plus the sway frame sways in the wrong direction, which is fine for someone who never road a real bike, but it will never feel natural for cyclist.