EVO Indoor Cycles

This seems incredibly expensive for an exercise bike, making the ‘list’ price completely absurd.

These are spin bikes, with the higher end one being commercial quality (I don’t think there are any difference in build quality between any of them). Exercise equipments that are robust enough for commercial gyms usually cost thousands of dollars.

Saying that, I’ve checked out these bikes in the shop and they do not feel like a bike moving down the road where you can rock the frame while out of the saddle in order to climb up a hill. It feels more riding at a couple of mph, where the wheels are barely spinning enough to act as gyroscopes and the bike just wants to tip over. The 55LB of equiv inertia does not seem to contribute to its stability.

So, incredibly overpriced then

Not really. I’ve been wanting to get one for my wife, and the commercial quality spin bikes are $1200 plus

Obviously they don’t have the same feel as a real bike but they sure are nice to have when conditions don’t allow for an outdoor ride. Very durable to.

I probably could have accepted the pivot frame as better than nothing, but the geometry of the bike seems to be more suited as a upright exercise bike instead simulating being on a road bike. It seems impossible to get the handlebar position lower than the seats, unless you are 7 ft tall.

Looked interesting until I watched the video that showed the internal mechanisms. If you notice, the main gears are PLASTIC…ugh, not exactly long lasting!