EVO Indoor Cycles

So what’s your plan, here, woot!? Going to just keep putting these up over and over again, shortly after the last sales of these bikes? Then why not just keep them running? So the discussion section can actually be useful? And where is the most recent (last) posting for these bikes about a week ago - its not coming up in a community search. Can’t find my comment, with video, etc., from that posting to repeat here.

Here is one prior largely unhelpful discussion:http://www.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=6160148

As I mentioned in the last post, there are very few reviews of these bikes. The sway bike has it wrong - it sways toward the side of your downstroke foot, but that does not replicate climbing out on the road – it should sway to the opposite side. I have seen a comment or two that with the way this bike sways, it feels like it is going to tip over on you.

These bikes keeps coming up over and over again, with no new info, either on the web or here.

But here is what I found from my test ride when I was seriously considering it.

When pushing down on pedal, bike will tilt toward the pedal, which feels wrong, but will not tip over since it can only tilt 10 deg.

Q-factor (distance between pedals) feels too wide, probably because all the gearings between the crank. Too large a Q-factor will cause your hip to knee to feet alignment to be off, causing long term issues.

The stem which the handlebar mounts on is way too long for it to be usable at the most outwardly position, which is where one would need it to be if one wants to be more in a road bike position instead of a upright indoor cycle one. Of course, I always get comments or reprimands from instructors that there is no wind resistance so there is no reason to be low and forward (but then they still reprimand me if I keep my head down, which I could in indoor cycling). This is a compromise they had to do when the stem shaft protrudes from the crank instead of having a seperate head tube.

This bike makes alot of gear noise, likely due to the planetary gears that is grinding away. The gearing is all plastic, which nobody knows about in terms of long term reliability, but then if it had metal gears, the sound would be intolerable.

Round and Round these bikes keep coming.

Sorry, I can’t resist here. This is for the many deals including this one - the Dysons, the Wens, and the many others that are too numerous to name.


I’ve been watching these bikes since Jan, talked with a club that has used it for over a year (see my comments in an earlier Evo sale) and finally bit the bullet. Putting it together was easier than I expected-- the gear and core were preassembled so it was just a matter of attaching the base, seat, bars & pedals. Instructions were easy.

Did my first ride today. Feels solid. I disagree that things feel off. It feels similar to a real ride. I’m not thinking I’m in the wind or passing a lake, but got my heart rate up, and felt more core than a traditional spinning bike because of the sway. It didn’t feel like the pedals were spaced wrong or anything. As with any bike, it has a slight feel that can be gotten used to. It’s also quieter than I expected. Had no problem hearing the TV.

If you’re on the fence, I’d recommend jumping.

I agree with you 100%. Doesn’t look like this space age design should have left space at all.
I did read that the gears were suppose to be quiet as they were inner sealed and maintanance free. Who knows.
I want one but even at this price, it’s way to high for something that probably won’t be around for much longer or at the very least, serviceable…
By the way, for all you bike trainers… When you pedal with your right side a bike naturally moves left. Unlike this contraption which follows the rider and does feel like you are about to tip!!!

I watched these bikes for a while before taking the plunge the last time they went up on Woot. The rocking function was what sold me - I didn’t want a stationary bike.

This bike is solid. The gears give a better pedal feeling than I was anticipating. The pedals, seat, and frame are solid and don’t move much at all when you pedal hard. I can’t imagine (and have never felt) that someone could really tip this bike over.

Here are the things I’m not that keen about. The handlebars are wobbly. I may need to tweak them a bit, but even after tightening them, they wobble. Also, there is no program function on this bike. You have to adjust the tension. The tension is hair trigger - either there is tension, or there is none. Lastly, the “computer” is minimalist - at best. For a bike at this price point, there is plenty of room for improvement.

Still - the bike is great, and it’s been a great add to my workout, especially during this brutal winter.

Really? When I’m pedaling uphill and push down with my right foot, the bike will tilt to the right and I have to wrestle the bike upright or even tilt to the left using my arms. Now that computes with the concept of a core workout with this EVO contraption. Maybe I’m on a different planet than you?