Evolution Power Bank: Intelligently Designed Chargers


These are little tiny things! Looks like a housing, driver and usb pluggins built around a rechargeable LiIon battery. Not a bad price, for what you get considering the battery would cost $10 alone.

Capacity looks a little small. With 800mA draw on the battery, you will only get 3hrs of charging at BEST. Capacity will likely drop over time and under heavy draw (aka with a tablet instead of a small cell phone). Check your phone/tablet’s mA draw to determine how much time you will get with this charger.

Ex. 2600mAh capacity, 500mA draw to charge my phone,
2600mAh/500mA= 5.2h charging time.

Watch that you dont charge/discharge this device from the wrong port! Its not exactly dummyproof with the charge/discharge ports being next to each other.

Website is a bit wonky… says 90 day warranty on the home page, but 1 year on Woot? who’s right?

Ya, just not incredibly impressed with the capacity. I guess that is why they are small, but even the uNu batteries that have been on here in the past are only slightly bigger and double the capacity (5200mAh).

i have this one and it works great. a little cheaper to. It also has a flashlight, not sure why maybe for camping.


**wootbot Says

Look out, Whitey! Black power’s gonna charge your devices!**

What the hell?

Will these stinkers put out enough juice to charge an iPad Mini? I have a few of the Belkin 3-outlet/2-USB mini surge protectors, and the USB ports there have been able to charge all of my devices (iPhone 4S, Kindle Fire, various Android phones, etc) EXCEPT the iPad Mini.

Not to a full charge. The iPad mini is a 4490 mah battery these are 2600 mah.
Hope this helps!

I was cosidering buying one to use as a backup battery/charger for my ETON FR600(Battery Hog) that I bought from woot.

Anyone know how long these will hold a charge (for future use)? Like, if I charge this and toss it in my bag to recharge my phone when it runs low, do I need to take it out and recharge it every few days, even if I don’t use it?

A good rule of thumb is spontaneous discharge of 5-10% of remaining charge per month at around room temperature. Cold storage will keep it much longer.

Soooo … stupid question 67 & 68: My GPS and smartphone have different size charge thingies. I like having both - will this work with both? And if my smart phone is running low on juice, can I use this as a power source as well as a charger? Say I’m stuck in an airport and want to watch a movie but the Nexus smartphone is nearly drained - would this keep me online?

You are better off getting one of these:

Since it has “free” shipping you would only be paying $5 more for over twice the charging capacity. It is rated at 5200 mha.

I’m not sure what you mean by “different size charging thingies” but to answer the next part you could keep your phone on so long as it’s draining at a rate of less than 1/2 ampere (the rate at which this can charge).

Provided that your GPS, smartphone, bluetooth gadget, mp3 player, back scratcher, etc. can be powered/charged via a USB cable that you can plug into a standard USB port… e.g. the standard ports on any desktop or laptop made in the last 15 years; this device will power/charge it.

It doesn’t matter whether the connector to the device to be charged is USB B, mini USB, micro USB, iPhone connector, or something even more proprietary (Hello FujiFilm cameras!) It should work.

Not even a deal. Saw these for same price at big box electronics retailer who’s name often comes with a burger.

we need links!

Just got one in the mail yesterday from Woot. Looks nice, but will not even charge a kindle. Pretty disappointing. Does not even seem able to charge my phone. They no it is plugged in, but does not show it is charging.

I agree with all of you and appreciate your efforts. I just want ask that i want use the battery pack for iphone for my personal iphone 5 which is latest technology. Anyone can suggest me the quality product plz?

Mine won’t work anymore… tried emailing their support but got no response.

I left it charging my phone and a while later I noticed it was really hot so I unplugged it and tried to turn it off. It wouldn’t turn off and now it won’t hold a charge at all… not sure if I did something wrong, but it seems permanently “on” now.

Anyone else have a similar experience?