Evolution Power Bank Portable Charger - 2 Packs

I bought one of these recently and it quit working after only 3 uses…:frowning:

I own a couple of these, and they are decent little devices with a critical flaw. The button on the side turns on the device so that it begins supplying power, and is incredibly sensitive to a fault.

This means that if you throw it in a pocket or a bag, it is likely to be hit and turn on and off as it is jostled. If nothing is plugged in all this does is turn on the LED indicator light and activate the USB port, but that is enough that I have repeatedly dug one of these out intending to use it only to find it dead.

The price on these isn’t too bad, but there are other options out there that are more reliable in practice.

Picked one up last time. Unfortunatly after a full charge it doesn’t even bring my iphone5 up more then 30%.

Mine works just fine, and gives my phone a full charge.

What I don’t like is that the edges on the end are a little too sharp. I don’t like putting this in the same pocket as my phone. It’s given the screen protector one good scratch already.

Fair warning: These are really only good for about 1/3 of an iPhone, maybe 1/5 of a small tablet. They’re emergency chargers at best. If you’re looking for something to give you several more hours charger-free, look elsewhere.

Also the red ones aren’t really red, they’re pink/magenta. At least I know it won’t get stolen.

I have 14 items in the cart. This won’t be our 15th. Thanks for the heads up both of u.

I bought this item some time ago. Unfortunately, it has a design flaw in that the on/off switch is not recessed. I would charge it up and throw it in my purse or backpack only to find that it was accidentally turned on and discharging. The light which indicates that it is on really lit up the bottom of my purse, though, making it easy to find that extra penny.

Really tempted to get this item, so I did some comparison shopping. Products like this are often sourced by multiple vendors from China. An identical product is available for $4. Reviews don’t look good!

it is too small as a external battery

Stylish and practical. Great way to give your battery extra juice while travelling.

$3.60 - $7.00 on Amazon…
$15 on Woot!

Shame on you Woot!

The internets make me feel so empowered!

Both of mine died within a week of use. One came apart after being dropped on carpet. The other just stays lit all the time while not charging anything after a week of use. The supplied micro usb cables both broke as well.

Drat. Have you tried contacting Evolution? They have a 1-yr warranty.

Thanks for the tips! I thought the button was just a charge indicator!

these are the worst ever. I am trying to send mine back to the company because they won’t turn off (light indicator, but also won’t charge my devices any more)

stay away