Evolution Power Bank Portable Charger - 2 Packs

These can be had direct from china for about $5. This company simply put their logo on a cheap Chinese charger, and called it a day. I have one, works well, but mine says 2800mah, vs 2600 (but is identical in every way) so who knows what you’re really getting.

Be leery of this deal. Got the two-pack and one was bad out of the box. Wouldn’t take a charge and wouldn’t charge any devices. The other one went bad about a week later. Also wouldn’t take a charge and has a loose connector. Hopefully returning them will work out. Starting that process today.

these chargers worked once but started smoking - literally - the second time i tried to charge them. due to the nasty smell, i didn’t want to bother returning them.

I bought these and my only complaint so far, is the power button is not recessed and only the slightest pressure turns them on from just being carried in my backpack.

if you want one- amazon has a photive 2600 for 19.95

My company gave these out as swag at a conference. One caught fire. Mine only worked once. Do not buy not even for $5.