Evolution Power Bank Portable Charger - 2 Packs

A nice key chain version of this plus 10$ cheaper

similar on ebay for $6 free shipping:

Are these in two separate packages? Meaning, can I buy this and give them as two separate gifts in their retail packaging or would I need to split the package up and give them out without retail packaging.

Good question, I’ll update you when I hear back from our buyer.

UDPATE: There are two retail packages, so you can easily get two gifts out of this.

What is the capability of this? Will it charge an iPhone from dead to full?

Are these real Lion batteries, or do they just look like the ones that are?

Will these work with the iOS 7?

I own one of these that I received for free from a trade show. While it does work, it has a critical flaw. The power button is too easily pushed and there’s nothing to stop it from turning on while in your pocket/backpack/bag/glove-box. Walking through my favorite theme park in Anaheim,CA I carelessly used my phone thinking I could charge it half way back up (while off), only to discover the Power Bank was also dead from charging the air inside my backpack all day. =(

I ordered the pair of these the last time they were on woot and BOTH OF THEM were DOA. Neither will take a charge, nor will they charge accessories. Waste of money, and the company isn’t helping me return them for a refund. Avoid this item!

Did you email into support@woot.com? They don’t see any emails for the email shown in your Woot account.

If you email from a different account, be sure to include your Woot username and your order number.

Also, as an FYI: With any rechargeable devices, make sure you give them a full 24 hour charge before trying to use them. Batteries are sent completely drained for safety in shipping.

Funny thing about paying a THOUSAND DOLLARS for a phone. There are just some things I won’t plug it into. Like something that costs fifteen dollars.

A thousand dollar phone? Is it plated in gold?

I just received my order. I ordered 2 of these in RED (4 chargers in total) and they are FREAKING PINK. How am I supposed to give these to a male for christmas.

Sorry to hear that you possibly received the wrong color.

I would write into support@woot.com and let them know. I don’t believe, however, that they’ll be able to ship you a replacement in time.

I’m very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

one of my units failed very quickly after using it, I have case number
CAS-600014-J3N8F2 but have not gotten a reply

If you’re having troubles with your purchase, I recommend that you contact Evolution Customer Support to see if they can help remedy the issue.
There should still be a 1 Year Evolution warranty on the item you purchased.

I will also forward your message along to Woot Member Services to see if they can help.

Thanks for your continued patience.