Evolution Power Bank Portable Chargers

So I am looking at this and I am still a bit on the wall, but I figured I could share some basic information going through my head.

According to the specs page, the device holds 2600 mAh and can output at a max of 800 mA. This means theoretically the device can charge your device for 3.25 hours (+/- for real life). Of course there is always variances in this, but that’s not a bad boost if your on the road and your phone is dying.

You may note that many wall chargers are a higher amperage. For example this HTC charger I found lying around puts out 1 Amp, while a standard iPad charger puts out 2.1 Amps (https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3511) So this leads to two thoughts. I would note that my car charger when my HTC Incredible was used for navigation was unable to keep up with the power draw. These probably won’t be either, but it may be enough to slow the phones draining to a crawl. And if you are not doing something taxing on the battery, your results will probably be far better.

But probably more interesting, is the claim on the sites FAQ about the chargers being unable to handle iPads due to them pulling 10 volts. This is highly unlikely, since as far as I know, USB simply does not provide that high of voltage. However what is more likely is they are talking about wattage (which if you check the above link, you will notice is 10 Watts for the iPad).

So here is the part you really need to take with a grain of salt. From my understanding, it will not provide enough power to charge a running iPad, but will provide enough to possibly give a boost to one with the screen off, etc. Or it will charge very slowly, like a phone plugged into a USB 2.0 port. The real question is what Evolution meant by the device not regulating voltage draw. The iPad charger does put out 5.1 Volts as apposed to 5 volts, but I doubt this is the problem since it will charge slowly on a standard USB port as far as I understand.

I am going to hope someone who owns one posts a review. What we really need are some people who have one to chip in. I am having great trouble finding reviews online for any of this companies products. Do these get very hot when they charge (both itself or other devices)? Will it support higher draw products? Has anyone tried? Etc.

Previous Woots:

I do actually own one, I bought it when woot threw these up like 6 months ago, +/- month. Now, I may not be entirely knowledgeable on these, but, for my Galaxy S3, and a few of my coworker’s phones, it’s been more than plenty to charge THOSE. In fact, in the time span of our lunch, it was able to jump any of their phones from about 20% to 60%, which isn’t bad, considering what you’ve said about it. The only issues I have are:

  1. The button is too easily pressed, turning it on or off in your pocket (because they don’t include a nifty carrying case with a clip for a belt loop hint hint)
  2. The USB port (at least on mine) is really wonky, the cord doesn’t plug in all the way to a click, and then any movement from there disconnects it from my device and reconnects it, making frantic movement (which, my job as a stocker involves a lot of) not very ideal.
  3. The charger is just large enough not to fit comfortably between a belt loop making aforementioned carrying case a large desire.
    Otherwise, it’s a pretty decent charger for what it is. I paid $20 for it before shipping, so they’ve come off 10% I see. Anyway, I’ve used it while using my phone to play music from Google Play, and it was able to keep up with the drain, so if that helps… Any questions you have, I can test it myself and give you an answer, if you’d like.

The above said, I’m in for another black one. :slight_smile: I will probably give it as a gift to someone, or daisy chain them like an idiot. I keed, I keed.

I found this one:
It holds 3300mAh and outputs 1000mA, $1 cheaper plus free shipping. That seems better to me than this one, so I feel like I’m missing something. Am I?

20% to 60%… That’s not bad. That would indicate that it actually puts out around what its rated for or possibly a tad bit more.

Galaxy S3 Battery: 2100mAh
40% of that: 840mAh
Assuming an hour lunch ish, Yay! Math works!

Does it get hot during that time? Like as in hot enough it would be a bad idea to have it in a case or an enclosed area while discharging?

I am probably in for one either way, gift season is approaching fast…


Not very warm at all, no. I’m not entirely sure how warm it gets, most of the time, all the heat on it is from my body. So you can keep it in a case, there’s no vent holes to my knowledge either.

Can you take these things through airport security and onto planes? Or are they banned and will the TSA make you throw them away?

So I just bought one of these and used it once at about half charge and it got my iPhone to a full charge (cool).
Then yesterday I tried using it again and it discharged almost immediately. I thought nothing of it because I didn’t recharge it… Now the blue discharging light stays on even while I put it on the charger and it won’t hold more than a minute of charge…

Has this happened to anyone else? Even after I take it off the charger it stays on the discharging cycle.

So i just bought one of these power chargers and it was working perfectly fine eariler but now it just doesn’t want to work and i dont know why i hope it’s just over heated

Mine just won’t even work any more it just stopped… smh