Evolution Power Bank Portable Chargers

I grabbed one of these the last time I saw them on Woot. Thing lasted like a day before the on/off button crapped out. Would not recommend.

Bought one a few woots ago. The on/off button never worked - it was always on. For a while, it would charge my phone, but then it started to DISCHARGE it when plugged in.

thanks for the reviews guys, I was going to buy at first but not anymore!

I’ve had my eye on this too, and almost decided not to order due to the couple negative reviews here. But then I checked the reviews on Amazon and see mostly very positive - an average of 4.5 out of 5, with almost 300 reviews in all. I’m going to order one. Just thought I’d pass this on.

To reiterate, I purchased a dozen or so of this exact model off eBay for 6 or 7 bucks each direct from China. They are all over eBay in that price range shipped. The prices these deal sites are trying to get for the exact same thing makes me laugh. I have seen them from 12 to 19 bucks

The safety department at my work passed these out as free gifts.

I have used mine for about 3 weeks now and really like them. They are simple to use.

A red led shows when the are charging. It will turn green when fully charged. When you plug it into your cell phone you simply push the button and the Led will be blue.

I have an HTC EVO LTE that has a built in 2000 MAh battery. Keep in mind the unit you are buying is a 2600 mAh battery

When I use the portable battery charger I can usually get it to increase my cell phone battery from 10% to about 65%

The effectiveness of this unit depends greatly on the size of your battery. You will most likely never get your device to get a 100% charge unless you have a very small battery. If you are planning to use this for an tablet with a large battery you may not get a tremendous gain.
I like that I can walk through the mall and charge my phone while it is in my pocket.

I highly recommend using these units in a manner that causes them to be completely discharged and then completely recharged. This is important for the first 3 charge cycles but will also develop a habit where the battery will always be at peak charge when you need it.

I have two of these units and both work well. I am tempted to by a couple of these for gifts.

How is this a deal when this exists (with Prime, free shipping)?

or this. Similar form factor and similar mAh, cheaper, prime.

It broke the same day. It got overheated from first charge, stunk up the whole house, and now the light is always on… How do I return this crap?

Yikes. Please email support@woot.com for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.