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Two great reviews on the Rage 7


Some additional info (and a video) on the Rage-B 7 over at evolutionpowertools.com

This company is about 10 minutes from my house. I used to be a factory rep and do demos of these in industrial settings. Amazingly, they really do a great job and were quite rugged (at least they were when I repped them 10 years ago before they had the Evolution branding). The only thing I ran up against that the blade had issues with was this sort of stone/fiberglass composite grating. It cut through about 10 feet of it, but by the end, the blade was pretty much toast. But to the client, the cost of one blade was less than is cost them to get it waterjet cut elsewhere.
But this was 10+ years ago before they switched up the branding. So… there’s that.

wouldn’t a speciality blade on a circular saw do the same thing?

edit. there seems to be a lot of mediocre reviews on amazon about this.

I have a question for you or anyone who has enough product knowledge to provide an answer…

I looked closely at the pictures of the blade that comes with this tool and it appears to have carbide tips. While carbide is an extremely hard material, it is also very brittle. Having been a woodworking hobbyist for many years, I’ve owned and used hundreds of carbide tipped blades. On several occasions I have cut through some framing lumber with hidden nails, which usually damaged the blades. So my question is this…

Are the tips on these blades carbide? If yes, why do they not become damaged when cutting hard metal? Finally, will this machine accept ordinary carbide tipped blade?

Correct me if I am wrong, but the specs listed at Amazon.com for the Evolution Power Tools RAGE-B 7-1/4-Inch saw are different from the ones listed on Woot, for example, Amazon lists the motor as 1200 watt / 15 amp motor, but Woot lists it as 2000 watt / 10.5 amp motor. So which one is the correct one, am I looking at two different models? Please advise!


Does it come with a battery?

That shape is useless against sharks though, I reckon.

Anyone know how long the multi-purpose blades last? I realize “it depends,” but in general. Are they exceptional, average, or are they wrecked after a couple of uses?

Something is up with both of those figures because you can’t get 2000 watts from 10.5 amps at 120 volts. I would imagine the 15 a 1200 watt rating is more likely due to possible losses in heat and whatnot… even if it draws 15 amp version can’t put use 2000 watts at 120v. Something is awry here.

How common are the 20mm arbor blades? Will it be difficult to get replacement blades for this?

What’s the big deal about cutting through nails? You can do that with a Ginzu.

the little 7-1/4" saw is a good enough deal if you need the blades (two radgeblades and a masonry blade) but looks like you are stuck with their blades at $22 a pop in the future. Which is fine if you want to use only their blades I guess, and I’ve seen them at the big box store.

You could however go the other way and use their blades on a standard 5/8 saw if you have the proper bushings and the speed is comparable, again if you just want to use their blades.

If I were saw shopping I might actually jump at this, knowing that if I wasn’t impressed I would get something else rather than continue to order blades, treating it like buying 3 blades and getting the saw for free.

The key to these saws is that the blade speed is a lot lower. Usually about 1/2 that of a comparable direct drive saw. There is a gear reduction housing built in. They cut wood slower and the cut is not as clean. Especially if you were to compare to a typical framer’s worm drive saw like a Mag 77. They do cut metal well though - especially with a steel or aluminum specific blade. If you have a use for cutting a sheet of steel or aluminum, this is a good tool for the price.

You have to recognize that these are a budget entry into steel cutting TCT saws. The quality is not up to the same standards as a Milwaukee version of the same thing. OTOH my Milwaukee costs more than twice as much. My Raqe miter saw has done quite well over a couple years of use considering the price and quality I would buy again.

Looks like a left handed saw. Which is extremely awkward. Basically you have to tweak your body to look over the motor to sight down your cut. Not a natural movement. Unless there’s a way to switch the handle…which some manufacturers add to their saws.

Hello guys & gals. Got a couple of things to note:

  1. The RAGE-B should be listed as a 1200 Watt, 10.5 Amp motor. We’ll be correcting that momentarily.

  2. The RAGE230 does come with 2 batteries, because it has a laser guide that operates off an independent power source. The RAGEB has no batteries.

We’ve got a question to the vendor inquiring about the type of batteries included in the RAGE230. I’ll update with more info when we get it.

UPDATE: it comes with 2 AAA batteries.