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**Item: **Evolution RAGE Saws - Your Choice
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Let’s learn all about evolution

OK reviews on the miter saw at amazon (3.1 out of 5.0) and lowes.com (3.2 out of 5.0)

I don’t have much first hand knowledge of either of these 3 saws, but the more I look at the sliding compound miter saw the more I like what I see. Cuts anything from steal or aluminum to plastic and does so with laser guidance. At $200, what’s not to like. A good sliding miter saw is easily more expensive than $200. My guess is that after sleeping on the idea, I will probably buy one tomorrow.

Yeah, me, too. I like what I saw…

I’ve been wanting a compound sliding miter saw too… was looking as Bosch reconditioned for a while but even those are expensive. This is a decent price. Gotta give it some real thought though.

I’m on the market for a miter saw as well. I’ve just never heard of Evolution before other than here on Woot. I’ve got a reputable brand’s miter saw in my Amazon waiting list as we speak for less than this price. But I’m willing to consider, time to research this.

Never used one of these, but the 3 year warranty would help to overcome suspicions about quality issues. And the 15A motor on the 10" saw - unless it’s a really bad design - would seem to argue for sufficient power.

Watch out for the non-standard arbor sizes on the 10". There’s really no excuse for it, and it will kill you when you go to buy blades. Especially if the manufacturer decides to discontinue these saws in the future.

I’m with you on that point. I’m partial to Freud woodworking blades, and they will not work on this saw thanks to the non standard arbor. That means you’re limited to whatever this vendor sells, at whatever price they sell at. Not a happy situation. I think I’ll hold for another brand on sale for a sliding miter saw.

Actually, I think there is an excuse for it, which is because these saws cut metal and wood, they require a special type of blade. It may be for safety as much as marketing.

That said, I’ve seen these tools up close, and he quality is just okay. They’re worth about what you pay. If you want a serious tool, you have to pay for it.

I may be wrong, but Evolution? I believe is a Craftsman or Sears brand. I vaguely remember seeing that brand in the Sears catalog. One thing about Sears, they don’t hassle you about returns.

Agreed. I did the research and you can get an even better saw for less that outperforms this one by a long shot. This “deal” just doesn’t cut it (buh dum chee).

I don’t completely understand why the manufacturer uses non-standard arbor sizes on the 10", but maybe that’s because it would be dangerous to use non-standard blades on this saw, as a standard blade may explode when attempting to cut metal.

I’ll pull nails before cutting the board.
Weird blades. For safety? No. I don’t believe that.
If a person wants to put a ‘wood-only’ blade purchased at Home Depot on it, you can’t.

I believe that the metric arbor (20mm?) is because these tools were designed in Europe.

I’ve read a lot of reviews of their saws and their TCT blades. It looks like the blades do cut through various metals well, but if you do use them on harder metals like steel and stainless steel, don’t expect them to last very long. In this case, naturally, you’ll need to buy one of their blades since it has a metric arbor.